Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

You might not know it yet, but we’re totally going to die unless we change our energy sources. Don’t believe me? Ask former Vice President Al “I’m as Much of a Scientist as Bill Nye” Gore and current House Minority Leader Nancy “I Make Pennywise Look Like a Teddy Bear” Pelosi, both of whom came out against President Donald Trump’s decision to allow more offshore drilling. And we know just how much intellectual firepower they both have…

When asked for specifics on how to get the oil monkey off our country’s back, the Left always bring up green energy. Wind, solar, and other energy sources are the future! Oil is the past! We need to embrace the future or else we’re DOOMED, DOOMED I SAY!

Sorry. I channeled my former Leftist self there for a second.

Let’s take a closer look at the green energy phenomenon, shall we?

green energy

What the Left believes it means –  energy sources that are cleaner and better for our environment

What it really means – a source of money for Leftists under the illusion of protecting the environment

The self-professed “Party of Science” has a habit of using science to make it easier for them to line their pockets through a steady stream of misinformation, loaded language, and, oh yeah, ginning up more fear than Vincent Price. This toxic concoction has made actual discussion on the scientific merits (or lack thereof) of green energy hard to come by. Let me start the conversation.

Green energy is great in theory, but sucks in execution.

Your turn, Leftists.

Seriously, green energy has good intentions. When put in the simplest of terms, only the truly mad would want our natural resources to be depleted and our environment destroyed. Yes, my Leftist readers, that includes those allegedly evil corporations because if the environment gets destroyed, it tends to kill people. No people, no customers. Economics 101.

And that’s one element that the Left doesn’t consider when coming up with its green energy approaches. One of the problems with green energy so far is it’s not economical on a large enough scale. Leftists can point to large solar farms and wind farms as evidence to the contrary, but as awesome as they are, they run into a problem: storage. On days when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, your need for power doesn’t go away. Unless you have a way to store energy from sunny or windy days, you’ll be more in the dark than Paris Hilton spelunking.

That’s where batteries come into the picture. Granted, battery technology has come a long way in the past decade or so, but it’s still a process that requires the use of chemicals that can be damaging to the environment. Hmmm…so in order for green energy to be effective, we have to use things that are…not green? Maybe it’s me, but I think that defeats the purpose of green energy. But I’m sure it’s just me. I mean, who would be dumb enough to support something so ignorant?

Oh, wait…

Until the battery technology catches up to the wishful thinking of the green energy movement, the Left will have to address the reality of the situation. And they do that by utterly ignoring reality. They have a lot invested in green energy, mainly because Leftists tend to be the ones running green energy companies. But since green energy isn’t taking off the way the Left thinks it should, green energy companies often request (and get) federal funds to keep afloat. Then, in order to keep the funds coming in, green energy companies have to keep sucking up to Leftist politicians, which might just involve financial donations, and the cycle continues as long as Leftists keep getting into office and have access to federal funds.

Good thing that never backfires. Say, how is Solyndra doing these days?

As with global climate change, the Left is operating from a position of scientific ignorance with green energy. They keep saying oil is obsolete, but they’re wrong. Biofuels, converting coal into oil, and as yet fully untapped oil reserves exist, and until we exhaust those sources, oil will have a place in the energy conversation. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to find alternatives, but to say green energy is the only source worth exploring is short-sighted. Besides, with people like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi pushing for green energy, I think it’s a safe bet it’s not nearly as good as they make it out to be.


Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

As constructions resumes on the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian reservation we are left to wonder about the true motives of the protesters.

Environmentalist protesters were encamped near the construction site. Claiming that the pipeline would leak and contaminate the nearby water supply. Although this is a legitimate concern, as no pipeline is leak-proof, there is an acceptable risk threshold.

The Left would have us believe that these protesters have our best interests at heart. After all the majority of the protesters at the encampment were members of the Standing Rock Indian tribe. And the Left has long supported the false narrative that the American Indian tribes all lived in harmony with nature and the surrounding land.

So this is how the protesters, protecting the water supply at Standing Rock, as environmental guardians lived and left the site.

For the most part they were all dirty and unwashed, living in a lot of filthly and 3rd world slum like conditions. They abandoned several vehicles that would contaminate the local water supply with the spring flooding. They left behind more than 200 truck loads of trash that had to be hauled away from the site. They set fires to various structures at the encampment. And these so-called environmentalists and stewards living in harmony with nature also abandoned multiple dogs and other animals, including new born puppies. Leaving them to fate in a construction zone.

Fortunately real stewards of nature are rescuing these helpless animals and cleaning up the mess left behind from these horrible human beings that were protesting the construction of the pipeline.

So what are their true motives? Well that is yet to be determined. But their very actions tells us that the stated protest reason was a lie. These horrible people obviosly don’t give a damn about the environment.


The Earth Has a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is Less Bullcrap

Happy Earth Day, kids! I’m sure you all spent the day separating your plastics from your paper, watching episodes of “Captain Planet,” and watching “An Inconvenient Truth.”


I don’t have an issue with being environmentally conscious. After all, we haven’t figure out a way to set up shop on Mars or the Moon yet, so we kinda have to keep our own backyard clean. However, Earth Day has become Green Kwanzaa, a made-up holiday few people actually celebrate and designed to make other people feel bad. And when it comes down to it, I care as much about Earth Day as I do about a Paris Hilton biography.

Actually, I take that back. The Paris Hilton biography is bound to be more factual.

Let’s take a moment to really think about what the current environmentalist movement believes. Humanity is causing global climate problems, so we’re the only ones who can fix it, unless it’s too late (which is probably is, or may not be, but may soon be). Got that? I hope so because there will be a quiz later.

In the word salad posted above, you get a sense of just how absurd the current environmental movement is these days. For a movement that claims to be rooted in science and knowledge to rely on such illogic is staggering. Where logic fails, faith prevails, and the movement has become more cult-like since the 90s. If you thought Galileo went through a lot in his day in the name of science, imagine being a climate scientist who doesn’t agree with the prevailing hypothesis of man-made global climate change.

But here’s the twist. Science is starting to prove the environmental movement isn’t being factual. Things may have changed a bit from when I was in school, but last I knew, you needed to have the facts on your side if you’re going to use science. From the “pause” in global temperatures to the infamous Climategate emails to the oft-discredited “hockey stick graph” created by Michael Mann and promoted by Al Gore as factual, it’s getting harder for those who believe in man-made global climate change to be credible.

But when you’re making money hand over fist in a con, credibility isn’t that big of a concern until it goes completely south on you. We’re not there yet, but we can see the South Pole from here.

What we really need more than anything at this point is an honest debate about the climate and what effect we actually have on it. Are we causing massive hurricanes, flooding, droughts, high temperatures, low temperatures, higher than normal rainfall/snowfall, lower than normal rainfall/snowfall, and Michael Bay movies? Let’s drill down and find out. Of course, that would require the environmentalist movement to be honest and willing to admit past sins, which won’t happen anytime soon. Until then, let’s do our own homework and learn the science necessary to defend the truth.

And stay away from Michael Bay movies, would ya?