Update: CNN Still Hates the American People


This is an update to a blog post I wrote a couple of days ago where CNN and other media types filed a motion in the Paul Manafort trial to obtain the names and addresses of jurors along with other sealed information. On the plus side, the judge ruled against the motion, so I will cut him some slack. I still believe the motion shouldn’t have been entertained in the first place, but he still made the right decision.

But CNN? No slack given.

In fact, there’s an update on that front, too. Seems a CNN hack…I mean journalist has been the victim of doxxing, which is the unauthorized release of personal information with the intent to intimidate the victim. Remember, CNN is the network that doxxed a Trump supporter for sharing a GIF of Donald Trump clotheslining WWE President Vince McMahon with the CNN logo replacing McMahon’s head. Oh, and they doxxed another Trump supporter by sending a hack…I mean reporter and a camera crew.

Now, when it’s being done to a member of CNN, they now see it as wrong?

Sorry, kids, but you don’t get to play the victim card when you’ve victimized others merely for being of a different ideology. And when you compound that with the fact you are trying to get the contact information for jurors because you think you have a right to it in spite of the fact your history shows you’re as trustworthy as Al Sharpton’s spelling skills, you deserve no slack. On the other hand, you deserve every bit of criticism you get.