I’m watching the granddaddy of college football games, the Rose Bowl. This year it’s USC and Penn State. I do like football more than any other spectator sport. And some of you may have noticed there was a football simulation game posted on this site in the past.

Well it’s no longer here. It’s been moved to its own home at and is available to download through DriveThruRPG at

If you like football please check it out and enjoy the game.

New Generation of Gamers


During the Easter holiday I had the opportunity to introduce the concept of Role-playing games to my 11 year old niece.

Sad to say that she didn’t quite get it. She did take a little bit of interest but then decided she would rather play games on her phone instead.

I’ll try again around Christmas time. To see if I can get her going into this great hobby of gaming.

I’ll continue to use the D6/WEG version of the Star Wars RPG since she, like me, is a Star Wars fan.