Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

It’s been close to a month since a gunman shot students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, but you wouldn’t know it by following the media coverage in the aftermath. Students, such as David Hogg, have taken center stage with a push for stricter gun control laws (to replace the multiple laws that failed to stop the shooter, I guess) and the Left have been eager to give them that stage.

This is a formula the Left has mastered: bring out children to help them make political advances they couldn’t get on their own. Although this is close to child exploitation, it works. And, it speaks to how the Left regards children.

And by “regards,” I mean “uses.”


What the Left thinks it means – the smartest and wisest of humanity

What it really means – the future we create today

The Left has it in their heads children are merely adults washed in hot water, but without the cynicism that comes with getting older. That cynicism doesn’t come until those children get told by Leftists that everything sucks. Usually around, oh, Kindergarten.

The problem with this approach is it’s not realistic. Children aren’t mini-adults; they’re children with all the problems and issues of not being adults. Granted, some children these days are more mature than their parents, but they are exceptions and not the rule. To put children at the forefront of any political issue, let alone one as complex as gun control, is morally questionable.

Yet, it’s effective because children play to our emotions, which is what the Left loves to do. Why argue the pros and cons of any issue when you can get people to act and feel the way you want by playing to your emotions? Well, aside from being intellectually dishonest and more cowardly than a French soldier in Berlin during World War II…or Tuesday. But that’s the way the Left wants to handle their business, so we’d better understand why.

For that, we need to go back a few decades. In the 1950s, children were seen as influential and deserving of all the best their parents could give them. Although this can be a good thing, some parents took it a little too far. This bore fruit for the Left in the 1960s when the children who were told they were the best and brightest went to college, where they took lots of drugs, listened to professors who may have also been on drugs, and decided they were the ones who could change the world by taking up Leftist policies and fighting against “The Man.”

At least until they became “The Man.” Then, they went to work to create as many ideological Mini Mes as possible and then utilize them to further Leftist causes. Now, after a few decades, we get David Hogg telling us we need to pass more gun control laws. And when there’s another crisis, expect there will be another child to take up the banner. And then another.

But it’s not just politics that is affected by the Left’s attitudes towards children. They have also affected how parents parent. By treating children like smaller versions of themselves, parents set unrealistic goals and fill their lives with more and more activities. Although their intentions may be good, it puts incredible amounts of pressure on those who may not be able to handle it.

This is the problem I have with the way children are being treated today. We have lost the idea these children are children. Giving them an iPhone or an iPad and sending them on their way isn’t really parenting. (iParenting, maybe, but not parenting.) Neither is pushing children to the extremes of their abilities. There has to be a balance between setting up your children to succeed and giving them the opportunity to explore life while their sense of wonder is still intact. Let them explore, nurture their interests, and support them in their efforts. Then, be prepared to repeat the process until they find something they love to do.

When looking at David Hogg, I don’t see a young man who is passionate about gun control so much as indoctrinated to support it. And that’s the sad part. Childhood and young adulthood should be more about finding one’s self, not being a cookie cutter version of a political operative. In either case, I hope David finds his passion and has the courage to follow through on it.

But if you’re not convinced children are the best and brightest of humanity, remember just a few weeks ago we had to tell them not to eat Tide Pods.

And people wonder why I think humanity is doomed.

Where Are the Parents? Oh, Wait…

Recently a local high school found itself in the center of controversy after a girls’ swim team held an awards banquet complete…with a male stripper. As bad as that sounds, what makes it worse is the fact the stripper…was the idea of one of the swimmers’ parents who was put in charge of organizing the banquet.

Whether it’s teachers sleeping with students or parents allowing their children to do pretty much what they want, I’m left with two questions. First, where were these teachers willing to sleep with students when I was in high school? And second, where are the parents? For purposes of clarification, I’m not talking about biological parents. I’m talking about adults who act like adults.

When I was growing up, my parents made it very clear they weren’t going to be my friends and I would have to follow their rules, no matter how much I disliked them. But also when I was growing up, I saw more and more parents trying to be buddies rather than role models. Maybe it had something to do with the timeframe (70s and 80s, to be precise), maybe it had to do with the rise of divorces in America, maybe it was disco. I don’t know, but I do know I didn’t see good things coming out of it then, and I don’t see good things coming out of it now. Not only are we seeing maladjusted and misbehaving children, but we’re seeing adults trying to reclaim their youth in dress and attitude.

If you listen to what passes for Adult Contemporary music these days, you know what I mean. Also, I’m sorry.

Society seems to be shifting towards adults acting like kids again. Adult coloring books (some with swear words!), adult daycare, adult summer camp, and several other ideas that have come about in the past couple of years have only accelerated what could be the ultimate goal: a society of babies. I mean, aside from Congress.

As much as I would rather be playing kickball than working in an office all day, I know I can’t because I have responsibilities to my family. There are bills to pay, decisions to make, meals to prepare, telemarketers to avoid, the list goes on and on. I can’t just turn my back on my responsibilities because I don’t want to be an adult. Instead, I try to get all my adulting done early so I can be as childish as I want to be the rest of the day.

Although this may not seem like a big issue now, it may become a bigger issue later. Since the 1990s, I’ve started to see a shift in the electorate from people who want to be lead towards people who want to be ruled. If we have people willing to make the big decisions for us, why should we want to deny them, right? Wellllll…there’s a problem with that. If you give up too much of your autonomy for the sake of ease, you get to a point where you become completely dependent on the entity to whom you’ve given your autonomy. At that point, you’ve become a ward of the state, incapable of making decisions independent of the state.

Can you say “Welfare” boys and girls? I knew you could!

I feel the gradual emotional regression happening with adults today plays right into the hands of those more than willing to make you a dependent of the state. And given the kind of bonehead decisions adults are making (like the aforementioned male stripper), we may be closer to that kind of thinking becoming dominant than we realize.

And when that happens…I’ll be too busy coloring in my play fort to help.