World Series


Most people who know me are aware that I’m not really a big sports fan. And even less of a fan of baseball. I didn’t like it as a kid and still find it boring as an adult. But this years World Series interested me.

Last night was Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. I predicted on the night of Game 1 that the Chicago Cubs would win by Game 6 shattering the BillyGoat curse and getting their first World Series win since 1908.

And last night proved me wrong. It took 7 games to win instead of 6. But the Cubbies won in the 10th inning. The curse is broken once and for all.

I know a few people who are definitely celebrating that victory and will probably do so all weekend long. Die hard Cub fans. It would be like the Vikings winning the Super Bowl for me. I know how they feel right now.

Good job to the Cubs. Maybe we will see them again in the postseason in 2017. No curse is a good thing.