The Dying Republic


Our Republic is dying. Most of our citizens don’t know we live in a Republic. And as Ben Franklin told the woman in the town square at our nation’s founding as to what type of government was created he said. “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

How can we hope to keep it when so much has been forgotten, lied about, and misrepresented. When so many think and act like we have something else entirely.

Our founding fathers would be appalled to see what has happened to their creation. And would chastise us for allowing it to happen.

So as a refresher. The United States of America is a Republic. It is NOT a democracy of any kind nor is it any other type of government. Never refer to the United States as a democracy.

We have three branches of government. The Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial. Our founding fathers separated these powers so they would not be in the hands of just one body or one man. And contrary to the popular belief, they are all not equal.

The framers of the Constitution knew full well the dangers that Judges could become. They are not elected and hold their positions for life unless removed from office. They can become would-be kings and tyrants under the right conditions. So the framers purposely made the Judicial branch the weakest of the three. Giving it very limited powers and authority.

They also knew that if power was not limited, the other branches would seize all power for themselves. So the Constitution was also written to limit the powers of the Legislative and Executive branches as well. Giving all unnamed powers to the States or the people.

To keep things simple so even, as they say, a 5th grader can understand. Here is exactly what the three branches of government can do in the United States according to the Constitution.

The Legislative branch, made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate, writes laws.

The Executive branch, made up of the President, Vice President, and Cabinet, confirms and enforces laws.

The Judicial branch, made up of the Supreme Court and all inferior courts, applies the laws.

But today we have a Legislative branch that does not crack down on a run-a-way Judicial branch. And unfortunately this has been going on since the early 1800’s. The Judicial branch slowly eroding away the barriers put in place by our founding fathers.

No where in the Constitution does the Judicial branch have the power or the authority to interpret the law or declare any Act of Congress to be unconstitutional. The Courts have given themselves these powers in their own opinions they have written. And these are the very things that our founding fathers were worried about happening. It is why the Constitution is framed the way it is framed.

Our citizens used to know what our government was and how it worked. They used to know the importance of Liberty and true freedom. They used to know that these were things to fight for and die to protect for themselves and future generations. Our Republic is dying and we have let it happen. Apathy, ignorance, and taking it for granted have become the enemies of this great Republic. But the tide can still be changed.