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The American Psychological Association recently issued direction on how to conduct their practice with regards to males. Normally, this would be as exciting as an Al Gore burlesque show, but a line in their report caught my eye. The APA stated “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage.” To be fair, I agree with the latter part of their statement, but the whole “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful” bit reminds me of a current Leftist buzz-phrase that often is used interchangeably with “traditional masculinity”: toxic masculinity.

Whether it’s catcalling in the streets or eating meat, Leftists (and especially third wave feminists) have decided being a guy is harmful, and with the APA’s guidelines, they have some scientific heft instead of their usual “men are icky” justifications. How did we get to the point that anyone more masculine than Pee Wee Herman was dangerous to society as a whole? That’s a long and strange story…

toxic masculinity

What the Left thinks it means – the state where men dominate everything and infect society with outdated and cruel notions designed to keep women down

What it really means – men acting like men

In the late 60s and throughout the 70s, women started to come into their own as people. Society started seeing them as smart, capable, and just as competent as men, and thanks in part to first wave feminism, men changed their perspective and some of them…tried to become more like women. This worked for a while until men realized they were missing something (rhymes with “halls”) and started looking for ways to reconnect with their masculinity. Before you know it, men started acting, dressing, and looking like men again, which didn’t sit well with those who wanted us to believe acting, dressing, and looking like men was bad. To combat this, they created a new concept: masculinity wasn’t just bad, it was deadly!

If you’re reaching for the brown Challenge Bullshit flag, you’re not alone. Men have acted far less civilized than we do today for millennia and we survived, mainly because men…acted like men. They didn’t have GrubHub or Starbucks back in the early days of Mankind, so it fell to the men most of the time to find food and shelter while protecting their clans against others who meant to do them harm. In other words, masculinity in its more primitive form proved to be good for society because, without it, there wouldn’t be much of a society.

“But, surely you can’t think today’s society is as primitive as that of our ancestors,” the Leftists who think toxic masculinity is a thing might retort. Of course not. Society today is quite different, but that doesn’t negate the need for a masculine perspective in it. And as society evolved, so has masculinity. Today’s men range from guys who make Ron Swanson look like Pajama Boy to guys who make Pajama Boy look like Ron Swanson. Is it fair to say all of these variations on a masculine theme are toxic?

Seems the feminists don’t have an answer for that, but they do have a response based around the concept of whether men are “allies” to feminist causes. In other words, if feminists can use these men for their own purposes, as tools or just hunks of meat. You know, how they objected to being treated in the 60s and 70s?

Pro Tip for you male feminists out there: you’re not going to get any, no matter what you say or do, because third wave feminists hate men. They may not come out and say it, but they do. As long as they can lead you around by the nose, they will, and you will ultimately get nothing out of it.

Here’s the funny part. A recent survey showed women find manly men more attractive than the Pajama Boy types. That’s going to sting a bit for the “toxic masculinity” crowd because it shows something their ideology can’t overcome: genetics. Locked within the male and female DNA are instincts that may be suppressed, but never completely, that make both sexes want to act a certain way. It’s primal, but it’s part of us. Yet, feminists and Leftists only want to focus on the negative aspects of the primal male because it furthers the “toxic masculinity” narrative. Here’s a radical idea. Maybe if most women don’t find masculinity toxic…it may not be toxic at all. Unless you assume women who don’t agree with you aren’t capable of making their own decisions, which would make you…sexist.

Really, that’s what third wave feminism is. Sexism disguised as an equality movement. And the concept of toxic masculinity is equally as deceptive. Sure, men do suck sometimes…okay, a lot of the time, but even so we have redeeming qualities that more than make up for the crappy things members of our gender do. To ignore the good men do in an attempt to make them appear to be monsters is the truly toxic part, but it has nothing to do with masculinity. It has everything to do with Leftists and feminists wanting to make it bad to be a man.

Screw the APA’s analysis of masculinity. It’s okay to be a man, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of being one. Just be the best one you can. Whether you’re a lumberjack type who spends hours carving a piece of wood into a perfect toothpick or a guy wearing skinny jeans who can’t get through the day without a soy milk chai tea latte, take pride in your manliness.

Of course if you’re that last guy, we might need to have a talk. And by talk, I mean intervention.