The Great Divide


Politics in the United States is deeply divided. Some blame the educational system. Civics is no longer taught in our schools. Some blame political correctness. You can’t say certain things without offending someone, and you can’t offend anyone. Others still just think that people have become too thin skinned and are easily offended.

All of these things are true along with others that haven’t been mentioned. But all of them are symptoms not the disease that has caused this great divide in American politics.

The reason the the United States has such a deep divide is due to the Leftist takeover of the Democratic Party, our public schools at every level from our local schools to our colleges and universities, even the entire teaching profession only teaches Leftist ideology, and even the Church is being taken over by these Leftists.

Leftists have always used the “divide and conquer” strategy when taking over a nation. They use this because it works of course. Create a victim and an oppressor and you can create an environment rich for control over the victim classes. Leftists pretend to be champions of these marginalized victims, but the Left only uses them as “useful idiots” and the tools to destroy the current liberty and replace it with Leftist elitism and total government control.

Once in total power the Left will forget all the promises they made to the victims they created. And even actively oppress and suppress those that brought them into power. This has been the case in every example of Leftist policies that have been put into place anywhere across the globe throughout all of history. Not a single Leftist controlled oligarchy has bettered the host nation that it has consumed.

This is why we have the divide. Leftist ideology in direct conflict with American Exceptionalism has produced this state after decades of running unchecked. And there are only 3 possible real outcomes.

We continue on the present course where the Republic will eventually die. Replaced, perhaps for a time with a Democracy, before becoming a Socialist oligarchy. Where the Leftist elite rule and everyone else is in poverty.

We stop the madness and slowly take our country back over the next couple of generations with hard work and the election of true statesmen. With each elected official being stronger and better educated in the Liberties and Freedom of our Founding Fathers than the one previously elected. This is the most difficult task and the proper method of preserving American Exceptionalism and the Republic. This option is also not likely to occur either.

The 3rd option is armed conflict. A second civil war between the Stateist Left and those representing Freedom and Liberty. Although this could happen sooner it could also not happen for generations yet to come.

As time continues its march. The first option is the most likely of the outcomes. Sad but true given on how few patriots there are and how much most don’t want to be engaged in the political process. And if that does come to pass, then the third option would eventually take place at some point further down the road as the truth is passed on to future generations.

When the shoe is on the other foot


Here in the United States we only have 2 political parties that have ever gained control of our Legislature and the White House.

Both parties use similar tactics when competing for votes in elections. Both parties use similar methods when they find themselves in strong opposition to the other party.

Yet one political party, the Democrats, seem to think that it’s OK for them to use such tactics and methods. But it’s not OK for the other political party, the Republicans, to use the same.

When the Democrats controlled the Senate Judicial Committee, they would stall and prevent Republican appointed judges from being confirmed. But now that the Republican’s control that gate. It’s not fair and it’s wrong to do the same thing.

When the Democrats didn’t like what the House Republicans wanted to vote on and the Republican’s had a sit-in. The Democrats took the House into recess, turned off the cameras, and microphones. And even turned the lights out in the chamber. And now we have the Republican’s calling the House into recess with the Democrats having a sit-in and it’s not fair and wrong to do what they did.

These are just the 2 most recent examples of course and there are many more when you go looking. It’s OK for the Democrats to do anything they want. But when the shoe is on the other foot. They cry foul. And they are hypocrites.