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It’s been a bad week for the Left, although you’ll never get them to admit it. Not only are the DNC’s coffers drier than a Mormon keg party, but their one hope to undo the 2016 election is coming to a close with no actual connection between President Donald Trump and Russia’s alleged attempts to rig the election in Trump’s favor. Yep, Mueller Time may be ending soon, and the Left are already pushing the denial meter to 11 because, well, it’s one higher.

As the end of this farce of a snipe hunt comes to a close, it’s time we add the term to the Leftist Lexicon for further review.


What the Left believes it means – criminal collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to win Trump the Presidency and subvert our democracy

What it really means – a scandal cooked up by Leftists to avoid admitting Hillary Clinton sucked as a candidate

We’ve talked about various aspects of Russiagate, but I’ve shied away from tackling it head-on for two reasons. One, I can’t fit my head in my old football helmet, and, two, I wanted to wait for more facts to come in. The Left and the Right ran with every piece of information they could to condemn or exonerate President Trump. Robert Mueller had an overdue library book in the fourth grade? Why, that’s proof his investigation is a witch hunt! Donald Trump’s brother’s cousin’s college roommate’s hairdresser’s little brother’s accordion teacher loves Russian dressing? Collusion!

Meanwhile outside of Bizarro World, people like me got tired of all the allegations being tossed about without any basis in evidence. Sure, Mueller got indictments of four members of Trump’s campaign, but a grand total of zero of them had anything to do with the campaign itself. Now, with the recent report saying Mueller found no collusion between the Trump team and Russia to disrupt the 2016 Presidential election, this fairy tale is coming to a close, and the Left has no answers left.

So, they do what they always do: pretend the truth doesn’t exist.

Within the past three or four days, I have seen several attempts by Leftists to downplay Mueller’s findings (or lack thereof). Some say the investigation isn’t over yet (which, technically, it isn’t), but let’s just say the fat lady’s on in five. Others say we’re misinterpreting Mueller’s findings when people say he’s exonerated Trump. Still others insist Russiagate is real, dammit! Just like white privilege, the Loch Ness Monster, and Jennifer Lopez’s talent, I just haven’t seen enough to believe.

That leads us to the most obvious conclusion: Hillary Clinton lost because she’s a bad candidate. I mean, it’s possible the Russians hacked her campaign so she didn’t campaign in three vital states that typically vote Democrat, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

Although we haven’t seen any proof of collusion between Trump and Russia, there have been more than a few Democrats who have been caught red-handed (see what I did there?) dealing with the Russians. Under the Left’s own logic, that’s proof they colluded with a hostile foreign government, which is a threat to our country. But, of course, the Left exempts themselves from their own logic. Only Trump can be guilty of undermining democracy because they say so. And we know they never lie, right?

Say, I seem to have misplaced my $2500 savings from Obamacare. Has anyone else seen it?

Unfortunately for them, I don’t play by their rules. If you advance a particular argument, you had better be ready to defend it even at the expense of your own self interests. It’s that little thing called consistency that I try to live by and has done me well in my near 50 years of walking on this floating ball of rock we call planet Earth. The minute you start making exceptions for your arguments, especially self-serving exceptions, your argument goes the way of Kathy Griffin’s career options today.

And right now, the Left’s Russiagate argument is dying the death of a thousand goose chases, as it should. However, the investigation has opened up another avenue that should be explored, that being Democrats’ possible collusion with Russia. Let’s launch a full scale investigation, complete with Independent Counsel, and see where the threads take us.

After all, only those who would want to undermine our country would object to that, right?

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Swing and a Mis-ogyny

Recently, it was announced Hillary Clinton would be writing a memoir about the 2016 Presidential election. And, surprisingly, it’s not going to focus on the fact her campaign made Pat Paulsen look like Ronald Reagan, circa 1984. Instead, it’s going to focus on Russia, James Comey, and, get this, misogyny. Since the Russia and Comey angles have been discussed so often PETA is protesting the news coverage after the dead horse has been beaten, I’m going to focus on the misogyny claim for a bit.

Mrs. Clinton, maybe you weren’t watching the same campaign I was, but you were tossed so many softballs the stock price for Nerf skyrocketed when you talked to the press. And by “press” I mean your lapdog reporters hanging on your every word and deflecting any bad news away from you. I swear Andrea Mitchell was a few drinks away from going all Brokeback Mountain on you.

If anything, Mrs. Clinton has it pretty easy. Take the homebrew email server scandal, for example. When the press weren’t ignoring the implications of a Presidential candidate eliminating emails requested by
Congress to determine whether she broke the law, they were making excuses that would make a five year old look mature. Yes, I know previous Secretaries of State used private emails for State Department business, but it wasn’t illegal until 2009. Now, tell me when you became Secretary of State again…

Regardless, it’s hard for me to believe misogyny played a role in the Clinton campaign’s failure to capture the White House last year. When you look at all the females who supported her, ranging from celebrities to average folks, the fact women came out in droves for Hillary cannot be discounted. If the campaign was the victim of misogyny, female celebrities would be scared to come forward in support of Hillary out of fear of retribution. Since that doesn’t happen (except to Hollywood conservatives), blaming the 2016 Presidential loss on misogyny is laughable.

What isn’t so laughable is how quickly Hillary is playing the woman card again after it failed to work in 2016. Look, you weren’t entitled to be President because you’re a woman. In fact, you weren’t even entitled to it because you lived there for 8 years as First Lady. You have to earn the position, and you can’t do that when you’re looking for misogyny under every polling number. If you want to see real misogyny, ask your husband for some examples. I’m sure his little black filing cabinet is full of them, among other sundry items not suitable for public knowledge.

Granted, Donald Trump has a bit of a history with mistreating women, either directly or by not treating them as well as they could be. Even so, that doesn’t mean the press and campaign swung to his side. If anything, Trump was taken to task for every misstep, every vaguely insulting comment, every ill-advised Tweet that could be turned into an attack on women. When you look at the media coverage of Trump’s comments about some women and compare it to the homebrew server story, the former used more ink than an octopus family reunion. And which one actually mattered more? The email server story by a country mile. What Trump said (or at least what he was said to have said) was vulgar. What Hillary did was illegal.

So, you’ll excuse me if I don’t buy into the notion The Man kept you down, Hillary, and I won’t buy your book. However, in the spirit of bipartisanship and no hard feelings, let me offer you a title for your book.

How does I Got Beat By a Reality TV Show Host and All I Got Was This Lousy Book Deal grab you?

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The Strange Case of James Comey (or With Friends Like These…)

Michael Savage likes to say liberalism is a mental disorder. After seeing the Left turn on FBI Director James Comey with all the stability of Sybil on PCP, he might be onto something. Or on something, whatever the case may be.

The Left has a love/hate relationship with Comey. Sometimes, like when he declined to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton over her private email server, the Left loved him. When Comey did something they didn’t like, like announcing the FBI would be reopening the case against Clinton, the Left loved to hate him. Comey became the Left’s favorite piñata when it suited them, but he’s gotten back into their good graces recently by rejecting Donald Trump’s claims former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign. Now that he’s anti-Trump, the Left loves Comey again.

Maybe I was a bit off with the Sybil reference. Sybil was far more well-adjusted.

Some conservatives were in a similar situation as the Left in that their opinions on Comey depended on what he did for them politically. However, a good chunk of the Right saw Comey as an inept bumbler whose decision-making skills made Charlie Sheen look like Solomon. When the FBI Director tells you he can’t prosecute a Presidential candidate because she’s more famous or powerful than you or me, that’s the sign he can’t hack the job he has.

Now that he’s being more of a pawn than a prosecutor, Comey’s going to get more attention from both sides of the aisle, and not for a good reason. The Left will use him as a meat shield to deflect even the most credible of concerns over whether President Obama tapped the lines at Trump Tower. The Right will use him as a scapegoat for enabling the Left.

And I will use him as a target for mockery.

Comey appears to have gone to the Leona Helmsley School of Law, given how he treated Hillary with more kid gloves than a Minnesota daycare center in January. The fact he even raised the “she’s Hillary Clinton” defense is an indication he has been compromised to the point of ineffectiveness. He should have been kicked to the curb back in July 2016, but as we’ve seen with the Obama Administration, incompetence was a resume enhancer.

I get the feeling Comey is trying to play to whichever crowd will lavish him with praise. If he gets invited to parties by parroting the Left, he will be further to the Left than David Brock. If that party scene dries up, he’ll come back to the Right and say and do whatever they want him to do. In other words, James Comey is the FBI equivalent of John McCain.

But eventually neither side will want to be seen with him, and then he’ll be left trying to reconcile the multiple positions he will have taken to that point. And he will fail. The problem with trying to please everyone is you wind up pleasing no one, not even yourself. Comey seems to be in that phase right now, but his value is diminishing. If you stand with truth and integrity, you will gain friends and enemies, but both will be the right ones.

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Russian Influenced

It’s all true. The Russians have influenced our elections! Records and reports show that China and North Korea have also influenced our elections as well. And they have been doing so for years.

And it’s not just the hacked emails from the DNC that WikiLeaks posted either. It is so vast it boggles the mind. Although, as a people, we should be grateful for the hacked emails as it exposed the corruption of the Democratic Party. And I would be equally grateful if it happened to the RNC as well.

The truth be told, every other nation influences our elections. Even if the United States was completely isolationist in nature, the actions and reactions of other nations would impact and influence our elections.

We do live in a world where communication around the world is near instantaneous. Information flows in ways that was unknown and only dreamed of 100 years ago. So what happens “over there” impacts us “over here”. And we must be ever vigilant and watching the rest of the world.

And because as a people we do this we elected a President in Donald Trump who could handle the situation at home and the world outside of the United States. Because we are influenced by other nations to elect a leader who could perform on the world stage that is befitting of the position of President of the United States.

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The Final Count

When the final count is made and the Electoral College has cast it’s final vote for the 2016 election cycle. And Donald J. Trump is confirmed at the President-Elect of the United States. This is my prediction of how that map will look:

Electoral Victory 2016

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President-Elect Donald J. Trump!

On November 8th 2016 history was made. Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. And the Republicans also won the Senate and the House. The next administration can undo a lot of the damage done over the last 8 years.

The decline of the United States has been halted at the very edge. America will be great again.

But we must first weather the storm of the election aftermath. The Clinton’s and Democrats are sore losers. They will fight this to the very end.

The Obama Presidency is still in power from now until January 2017. He can still do damage. Congress can still pass bad legislation, the split Supreme Court can still legislate from the bench. And Obama himself can still write Executive Orders in an attempt to bypass Congress to push his socialist agenda through.

And Obama can also issue a full pardon o the criminal traitor Hillary Clinton. She will never see any jail cell for her crimes against the United States and it’s people.

There are also many Republicans and Conservatives that did not support our new President. In fact many of them went out f their way to prevent Mr Trump from winning this election and victory for the American people. Some are here in my home state of Iowa.

I think some will attempt to take credit for helping Mr Trump win some of his victories. But they are liars and cheats. They are only seeking to enrich themselves in the new coming administration. And they should be given the boot to the curb. They know who they are and so do you. Don’t be fooled again.

Let them stay as naysayers and the fools they are instead of being false friends who will turn coat at the first sign of trouble that may cause them any loss.

These naysayers are already saying Conservatism and the Republican Party are dead. That ideology is dead. Let them keep their blinders on. They cannot see the bigger picture and refuse to believe it when it is pointed out. Don’t waist your time on them.

There is a lot of work to be done between now and January 20th 2017. And even more work to be done after that. Let’s get down to it and make America the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth Again.

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Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

With Election Day being literally hours away from the time this blog post is published, it’s time we discuss a concept both the Left and the Right dislike: third parties. Although the choice of candidates that gets the most focus is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (which is the equivalent of choosing to be shot with a rifle or be shot with another rifle), there are other candidates out there vying for attention and votes. To that end, let’s take a closer look at third parties.

third parties

What the Left thinks it means: disgruntled Democrats whose actions guarantee Republican wins

What the Right thinks it means: disgruntled Republicans whose actions guarantee Democrat wins

What it really means: disgruntled voters looking for an option aside from Democrats and Republicans

That’s right, kids. Both the Left and the Right get this one wrong. In a binary system, there are only two answers. However, our elections aren’t binary systems. As much as we are lead to believe there are only two parties worth mentioning, there are others who have national attention. The Libertarian Party. The Green Party. The Constitution Party. The Socialist Workers Party. The Keep Everybody Up To Their Eyeballs In Doritos Party. (Okay, I made that last one up, but still…not a bad idea.)

A common complaint about third parties is they draw votes away from the major parties, which is true. But that’s where a lot of people stop; without asking the all-important question of why. Why are so many people opting out of the Democrat/Republican dynamic? Simple.

Because people are starting to see the two major parties as being not that different after all. Although they tend to fight for the cameras, behind the scenes the party leaders get along better than they want us to believe. It doesn’t help matters any that Republican leaders roll over for Democrats like a dog in a centrifuge. The average Democrat and the average Republican have shifted to the left in the past couple of decades, leaving a lot of people on both sides hanging on to an idea that isn’t reality anymore. Just like those people who think socialism could still work.

Another area where the Left and the Right get third parties wrong is the notion a vote for a third party means a vote for the opposition. Although the effect may be seen that way, the reality is quite different. A vote not for a Democrat and Republican isn’t for one or the other; it’s for another option. Just because you drink RC Cola doesn’t mean you hate Pepsi or Coke. It simply means you like RC Cola. You’re not part of a vast Pepsi wing conspiracy trying to undercut Coke or a Coke cabal wanting to bring down Pepsi. Now, if you like Dr. Pepper, you might have some issues.

There is a reason third parties tend to thrive in elections like the one we’re seeing now. When people aren’t happy with the candidates we’re given, our eyes tend to wander. It’s one of the great parts of being an American. We have the freedom to look at candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and say, “You know, maybe we should think about writing in someone else because these two candidates suck.”

The reaction to third parties by the Left and the Right is predictable: pretend they’re like your annoying little brother or sister and ignore them. Yet, if they want to avoid losing more potential voters, they should do the exact opposite. There are some differences between Republicans and Libertarians, but there are many more points of agreement. On the other side of the aisle, there are some differences between Democrats and socialists, but these days, they’re hard to find.

The best way for Democrats and Republicans to deal with the possibility of third parties is to listen to them. Many of the voters flocking to third parties do so because the two major parties have all but abandoned them. A Democrat who takes at least some interest in advancing some of the platform planks of the Green Party stands a greater chance of getting Green Party votes than a Democrat who treats the Green Party like most of the world treats John Kerry. A Republican who listens to the concerns of Libertarians will not just get a chance to get crossover votes, but also stands a chance to score some killer weed!

Regardless of how you vote on Tuesday, remember the only wasted vote is one not cast. If you’re not thrilled with the dog turd sandwich and the cow turd sandwich Democrats and Republicans are offering, you are free to choose from another menu, preferably one that doesn’t rely so much on fecal material as foodstuffs.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who I’m voting for, I’m casting a vote for C’thulu and the Sweet Meteor of Death. Sure, their victory would mean the end of the world as we know it, but now that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series, I can die happy.

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An Anonymous Note

I work part time in retail as an assistant manager at local discount store. Part of my duties is fronting and cleaning up the store. Making it easier for customers to find the products they are looking for, it really does help if they are in the right place. While I was engaged in doing this I ran across a discarded folded up sheet of paper.

Handwritten in a cursive script and undoubtedly written by a woman, based on the neatness of other qualities of the note was the following:

“Politics have been so dishonest and so dirty and so greedy with Tax Payer money for so long. Trump has upset the pattern of the Republicans if he upsets the dirty politics of the democrats — we could have a new start for America. If Clinton gets in we will very soon become the global society she has said she wants. A Global State of a One World Dictatorship! Trump will close the borders — repair the economy and keep us the United States of America!”

That’s all the note said. Someone’s thoughts on this election. And one that I agree with as well. We cannot have Hillary Clinton elected President. If she does win, the odds of getting another chance in 4 years to change the tide drastically go down. And the damage she will do to the Courts will last far longer than the 2020 election.

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Forget the Polling Place

For me the 2016 Election is already over. This was the first year that I have voted early via an absentee ballot. And I think that is a great process.

From my past posts and tweets there should be no doubt as to which Presidential candidate got my vote. He has had my support since the Iowa Caucus and Lord willing will be the next President of the United States.

I did not mark the straight party box on the ballot. I always check who is running for what office. And in some cases I think it is good to have a member of the opposition party in place. It helps keep the people honest. Since the opposition is going to let nothing slide by them.

Using the absentee ballot was a breeze. I think I am going to vote this way in the future as well. It sure beats standing in line at the polling place.

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An October Surprise Party?

Ever since I was a young boy, I followed politics on one level or another. (And played the occasional game of pinball, but not as well as that deaf, dumb, and blind kid.) Every Presidential election around this time, people start looking for an eleventh hour scandal that will rock one or both of the major party candidates. This scandal has become known as the October Surprise, or as I prefer to call it, crap we were saving for just such an occasion.

Normally, I would be worried about October Surprises, but this election year just doesn’t seem to bother me as much namely because of the two major party candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Oh, I feel there may be an October Surprise or two, but I think they won’t be as effective as previous surprises have been.

Let’s start out with Republican nominee Donald Trump. Are there people out there looking for every salacious piece of dirt they can find on the man? Yep. But here’s the problem: Democrats have already said and done things to make Trump look horrible.

When you’ve already called your opponent a racist, xenophobe, liar, failed businessman, unprepared to be President, and all sorts of other nasty names, where do you go from there? Just like Bill Clinton at a porn shoot, they blew their wad early and often, leaving little ammunition for later in the campaign. Where can you go from there? Hillary’s strategists might need to start complementing Trump to try to make people dislike him.

This leaves Hillary Clinton to address. The Trump campaign hasn’t engaged in the same kind of malignant namecalling the Hillary campaign has used. But, it really hasn’t needed to because of Hillary’s long-standing scandals monopolizing her time. It has a cumulative effect of creating a wide foundation for people not to trust her.

So, how do you deliver an effective October Surprise against Hillary? If you make up something, people are going to shrug and believe you anyway. If you tell the truth, people are going to do…the same thing.

See what I mean? Finding an October Surprise on Trump or Hillary is either going to be an unprecidented scandal never before seen in political history, or it’s going to be a yawn-fest of Al Gore doing a live reading of the phone book proportions. If Trump say something horrible, it’s not like he’s going to spend time worrying about it. He seems to thrive on making peoples’ heads explode, especiallly people who don’t like him. Hillary has a similar effect, only the depths of her dishonesty take people by surprise and make some people’s heads explode.

Put simply, there’s not going to be a lot of material to work with for either Trump or Clinton’s campaigns’ October Surprise. One candidate doesn’t care and will fire back, and the other candidate does care, but not enough to stop being a corrupt politician. (I know, redundant.) Perhaps the October Surprise this year is…there isn’t one. And I, for one, would welcome it. Since the rulebook seems to have been thrown out for this year’s election, why not?

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