RIP Senator McCain

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The President didn’t politicize Senator McCain’s funeral. He merely responded to it like anyone would. No, it was the Left that politicized it, like they politicize everything they touch.

It was the Senator’s family the politicized it by not inviting specific members of the Senator’s professed party. It was the Leftist Democratic party that politicized it by taking turns attacking the President because he wasn’t invited. And the Leftist media that broadcasted everything about it, except the truth, to further the Leftist agenda.

Senator McCain served the United States during the Vietnam War. And for that we thank him for his service. He was captured, held prisoner, and suffered from an ordeal that most would not survive. For that sacrifice we again thank Senator McCain, as we would any veteran of our armed forces. And we grieve with his family. Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers as they grieve and mourn his loss.

But Senator McCain, who ran as a Republican was anything but a Republican. Senator McCain is more accurately described as a RINO, a Republican In Name Only. He did not support current Republican Administration. He did more to advanced the previous Democratic Administration and paid lip service to the Republican Party and the Conservative movement and base.

For those reasons, we mark his passing as a time of sadness for his family. We comfort them, we pray for them. But we move on from there. And let him pass as a footnote of history.

Author: bynw

Chris aka "bynw" is the site owner and primary post author. A life-long conservative Constitutionalist when it comes to politics. A believer and follower of Jesus Christ. A Linux enthusiast. And a gamer.