#neverTrump is the new Occupy Wallstreet

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#NeverTrump is not a grass roots movement. It was started by political insiders that have a lot to loose during an anti-establishment administration. Like the fraudulent “Occupy Wall street” crusade before it. These insiders have duped a number of otherwise good Republicans into following their narrative like sheep.

We are just a few weeks away from the Republican State Convention in Iowa. And if you are a follower of this so-called movement. Then I have the following to say to you.

Wake the <blank> up.
Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee. He is now running unopposed in the remaining primaries. It was stated at the beginning of this presidential contest that ANY of the 1 potential nominees would be better than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. And that ANY included Donald Trump.

Many of the insiders that started the #neverTrump insanity are changing their voter registrations to “No Party”. If you feel the same way then please by all means get of the GOP.

If you are a #neverTrump follower and a delegate to the state or National Convention. Please resign now. Turn in your credentials so we may replace you with someone who will support the party nominee.

Donald Trump has his faults. I have no illusions on this fact. But he is better than what we have had in the last two terms of Obama. And he is better than having Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the White House for the next 4 years.

I know that Donald Trump doesn’t have the best conservative record and isn’t the best conservative candidate. But we cannot win on that ticket right now. Our society has drifted too far from the principles. We need to shift it back, but it will take time. Donald Trump is just the first stage of that plan.

He has had my vote since the Iowa Caucus. And he will have my vote in November. Will he have yours?

Author: bynw

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