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In an already insane election year, nothing could be more insane than the response to Wikileaks and its wholesale exposure of Democrats and in particular Hillary Clinton. Of course, their response is to blame the Russians.

By the way, Mitt Romney called. He says you’re welcome, and I don’t think it’s because he shared his mother’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

The on-again, off-again romance between the Left and Wikileaks is a marvel to behold in all of its glory. And it just so happens to be this week’s focus.


What the Left believes it means: a group of hackers lead by Julian Assange who is going after Hillary Clinton and needs to be brought to justice

What it really means: somebody’s airing the Left’s dirty laundry

One of the defining characteristics of Leftist thought is hypocrisy. Since they don’t necessarily believe in black and white thinking, their standards, much like their genders, are fluid. And occasionally involve make-up and assless chaps. When the situation requires it, the Left will change standards faster than Usain Bolt being chased by The Flash.

Back in the day, the Left absolutely loved Wikileaks because Julian Assange and his buddies were exposing secrets the Bush Administration didn’t want to become public knowledge. Then, something happened that caused the love affair to end suddenly and without comment.

Wikileaks proved the Left wrong about the Iraq War.

See, Wikileaks found there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which destroyed the Left’s argument against the Iraq War: that Bush lied to get us into it. With that blockbuster news, let’s just say the Left decided not to return Assange’s voicemails. I’m not sure they’ve blocked him on Facebook yet, but given how the DNC and Hillary both have problems using common technology, I’m guessing they’re still trying to figure out how to connect their MySpace accounts to Facebook.

This year, however, Wikileaks turned up the heat to 11 (because, you know, it’s one higher) and exposed DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a primary-rigging totally-in-the-bag-for-Hillary-while-claiming-not-to-be incompetent moron. Normally, this would mean she would get promoted to a Cabinet position, but this year, it meant she had to resign her position, which was given to another totally-in-the-bag-for-Hillary-while-claiming-not-to-be incompetent moron, Donna Brazille. At least she hasn’t rigged primaries, but it’s still early.

Since then, the Left has been on edge waiting for the next Wikileaks shoe to drop if for no other reason than to try to spin the next doc drop without ever answering whether the emails are real. Given Assange’s track record so far, I’d have to say they’re legit because there isn’t really a motive for him to post false information.

This begs the question of why. Well, maybe it might have something to do with Hillary Clinton allegedly wanting to kill Assange with a drone. But I’m sure that’s just a little misunderstanding, right? Some have even gone so far as to claim it’s ideologically driven. But, considering one of the websites claiming this is Vox, which has all the journalistic and intellectual integrity of a toxic waste spill, I’m not putting too much stock in the ideological angle.

Contrary to popular Leftist belief, one doesn’t have to be an opponent to be a critic. In reviewing Hillary’s history, accomplishments, and behavior, it’s entirely possible Assange believes she’s a bigger threat to the world than Donald Trump. In fact, he’s said as much. And unlike Hillary, I can believe what Assange says.

On a side note, this conflict illustrates the difference between liberals and Leftists. Liberals (which I believe Assange is) believe we can act like adults and hold each other accountable for the crap we do. Leftists, on the other hand, believe we are dull children in need of people like Hillary to tell us what to do. Whether you like Wikileaks, hate it, or are still on the fence about it like I am, it serves a necessary purpose to keep sunlight on the exploits of those who would like nothing more than to hide their disdain for us.

But I’m sure the Left still wants our votes.

Personally, I think the reason the Left hates Wikileaks now is because it has exposed just what kind of hypocritical, dishonest, and utter assbags they are. But if/when it turns its focus on Donald Trump, watch the Left go back to loving Wikileaks, which would show what kind of hypocritical, dishonest, and utter assbags they are. In the end, though, Julian Assange could be the man who holds all the cards as to whether Hillary becomes President.

Author: Thomas

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