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This week’s jaunt into the Leftist mindset takes us to the land of Bernie Sanders. (I would have preferred the land of Dairy Queen, but the plane was booked.) Although the race for the Presidency on the Republican side has had more explosives than a fire at a Missouri fireworks stand, the race on the other side of the aisle has been pretty sedate. Granted, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders make the Golden Girls look like college coeds on spring break, but Sanders has tapped into the youth vote thanks to a concept called democratic socialism. So, let’s dive into this weeks Leftist Lexicon Word(s) of the Week…

democratic socialism

What the Left says it means: people pitching in to help each other and care for each other

What it really means: There are a lot of people who didn’t get the memo about socialism.

Democratic socialism is an example of how the Left manipulates perception through creative wording. By starting off with a positive idea (democratic), the Left tries to get people to ignore the negative connotations of the other half of the phrase (socialism). It’s like someone offering you a deluxe dog crap sandwich. Sure, it’s deluxe, but you’re still eating dog crap.

Which brings us back to socialism.

No matter how you try to dress it up, democratic socialism is still socialism, and it’s still an epic fail when tried on a large scale. In small groups, it’s easier for people to get on the same page, but the larger the group gets, the harder it gets to keep everyone singing “Kumbaya”. Eventually human nature kicks in. If you’re busting your hump working in the field all day and you’re getting the same as Skeeter, the lovable yet incompetent methhead whose contribution to society is as negligible as the bibliography of a Jackie Collins novel, you’re going to get mad sooner or later and want to be better compensated for your efforts. And there ain’t enough verses of Kumbaya in the world that can change that. You can draw up as many scenarios, flow charts, and contingency plans as you want, but human nature trumps central planning every time because we cannot turn off what we are.

It’s also the reason we aren’t a democracy. Imagine the chaos, fist fights, and general mayhem that goes on during Black Friday sales. Now, multiply it by, oh, a couple billion. That’s what America would be like under a democracy, and there isn’t even a cheap TV set or a BluRay player awaiting the winner of the scrum. We might be able to agree on a few things nationally (like keeping incest illegal), but we might have trouble with some bigger items (like abortion). And imagine the chaos that would arise with enforcing laws with the whim of the majority. One day you could be within the law eating beef jerky, and the next you could be thrown in jail where beef jerky takes on a whole new meaning…

Of course, there is an easier way to accomplish what the Left promises will happen if we enact democratic socialism. It’s called being a human being. It doesn’t cost anything, and it won’t tank the economy. Plus, we get to keep the cheap TVs and BluRay players we got during Black Friday sales!

Author: Thomas

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