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In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, Leftists got on their soapboxes (or whatever boxes they could find since they don’t typically use soap) and talked about the need for more gun laws to prevent shootings…that couldn’t have been stopped with any of their previous proposals to stop the shootings. But this time they’ll be successful!

At least until the next shooting.

In the meantime, we can discuss their “solution” as the Leftist Lexicon Word(s) of the Week.

gun control
What the Left believes it means: measures to protect people by restricting gun ownership, bullets, or other means

What it really means: The Left wants your guns

Right now, Leftists’ heads are exploding with rage at my statement. See, to them, they’re not really going after guns. They just want to make gun ownership as impossible as Michael Moore refusing a second trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet. That’s totally not the same thing!

Except, it is.

The Left does want to take people’s guns, and they make no bones about it. After all, only redneck white trash Republican Trump supporter types think they need guns for protection. When a Leftist needs a gun, it’s an actual need because, well, reasons.

See, that’s the dirty little secret of the Left. They want to take other people’s guns, but keep their own so they can be the only ones who can shoot people. Yeah, that won’t end badly for anyone. Oh, by the way, there’s a call from a Mr. Crispus Attucks for you Leftists. Something about spinning in his grave so much the estate of the inventor of the centrifuge is suing his estate for copyright infringement. On the plus side, you might be able to figure out a way to use his spinning to generate clean electrical energy.

And speaking of spinning, the Left always tries to spin events to create support for gun control measures. If you followed the Senate Democrats’ filibuster to shame Senate Republicans into acting on demands for tougher gun laws, you got to see it in action. That, and I’m sorry you sat through several hours of Leftists showing how little they know about guns.

The Left knows it can’t come out and say “we want to take your guns” and they can’t admit they know nothing about firearms, so it relies on human emotion to make up for it. As powerful as it is, it fails in the face of an informed citizenry. Once you really look at the proposals the Left devise, they fall faster than a house of cards on the San Andreas Fault. (And while we’re here, why is it always the San Andreas’ fault? Seems to be a bit of racial profiling to me…)

Let me make something very clear. Most of the recent mass shootings have been done by people who have beaten the existing system. You know, the one the Left said was needed to prevent mass shootings? Yeah, that’s worked well. And the Left wants to keep adding onto the number of hoops gun owners jump through in order to purchase guns. Meanwhile, those with a predisposition to disobey the law will laugh as they circumvent the laws.

Before you Leftists start asking, “So you’re saying we should have no gun laws?”, let me save you the trouble. Some gun laws are needed, but the current system is broken and should be fixed before we add to the laws in place. If you really care about reducing gun violence, you can’t be satisfied with the current system.

Ah, but that assumes the Left cares about reducing gun violence. They don’t, actually. They need bloodbaths (or the illusion of bloodbaths) to maintain the viability of their attempts to reduce gun ownership. Let’s not forget, the operative word in what they believe is control. If the Left can control guns, they can control far more than guns.

Which is why they’re retooling what they say they want. Now, they say they want “gun safety.” Yet, how many gun safety courses do they sponsor?

Zero. None. Nada. The Big Goose Egg.

And who does sponsor gun safety courses? The eeeeeevilllllll National Rifle Association.

That should tell you everything you need to know about how serious the Left is about gun safety.

Author: Thomas

I'm a small town boy living in the heart of Iowa watching the world go by with my wife and dog.

4 thoughts on “Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week”

  1. No, the Lefts don’t want your guns. They want the needless killings to stop!! Don’t you? Its like the people that write bad checks…they ruin it for everyone. And to have assult rifles, what is the point? Just to kill as many people as possible. Yah yah I know about the second amendment. Its to bad it would even have to come to this…but unfortunately it has. This is my opinion…its not up for debate and yada, yada! To many people have died! Care enough to stop it!

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    1. There is more than enough evidence to the contrary, Alice. The Left does want people’s guns, but instead of coming out and saying that, they rely upon emotional pleas to divert attention away from their end goal.

      Ask yourself this. The AR-15 was not used in the Orlando shooting, and in fact handguns are used most often in mass shootings. Why did Senate Democrats spend 14+ hours trying to blame the AR-15 for mass killings?

      Simple. It’s not about stopping mass killings. It’s about controlling what guns people have. Or, in other words, it’s about the Left wanting to take people’s guns.

      If the Left wants endless killings to stop, they should be focusing less on the weaponry and more on actual measures. And they would be honest and admit the Orlando shooting was tied to radical Islam. But that would mean they would have to reject their previous defense of Muslim extremists. It would require them to finally take radical Islam seriously instead of a series of one-offs. And, it would require them to admit their cries of Islamophobia are utter bullcrap.

      I care enough about the victims to want there to be change, but not to continue to add more regulations that are ultimately ineffective or to prop up the broken system already in place. After all, the Orlando shooter passed a background check. You know, the background check the Left said was absolutely necessary to stop mass shootings? What good comes from expanding the background check process when the current system is ineffective in preventing mass shootings?

      Maybe, just maybe, we need to fix the system first and then worry about expanding it.

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      1. Bull Shit!!

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        1. Sorry, Alice, but everything I’ve said is verifiable.

          Meanwhile, 26 of the brave souls in the House who held their “sit-in” are…gun owners.

          Gee. What an absolute non-shock!

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