Keeping the Promise

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There is a lot of flak out there right now against Donald Trump and the payments made to Veterans groups. This is just basically hate speech against The Donald. And used as a false narrative to “prove” the view held by those who are against a Trump Administration.

Donald Trump held a fundraiser with about a day’s notice near the beginning of the year. It was the night that the Republican debate was held in Des Moines. Trump decided to skip that debate and hold a veteran fundraising event instead.

At the event he was joined by two of the 2nd tier candidates at that time. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Since they weren’t participating in the main debate they joined Donald Trump in this worthy cause of supporting our veterans.

It seems that many people don’t know how fundraisers work. During a fundraiser you get as much real cash and checks as you can plus as many high dollar pledges as possible. Together this makes a total amount the fundraiser makes. In the case of Donald Trump’s Veteran Fundraiser. That was about $6,000,000. A good chuck of change. Most of it in pledges.

A pledge is where someone promises to pay at a later date, sometimes making multiple payments overtime. Public Television does this sort of thing every year. And like Public Television, sometimes those donors don’t follow through for one reason or another. Even in the case of veterans.

So it’s not Donald Trump being dishonest to veterans. Far from it. It’s the donors to his fundraiser that haven’t come through yet. Mr Trump had distributed a large amount of funds already and more are on the way.

So The Donald, is keeping his promise to the veterans while others are attempting to smear The Donald’s name for their own agenda.

Author: bynw

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