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I posted this on my personal Facebook page due to the responses I got from the following picture that I shared:

The replies attacked the Republic thinking in the terrible error of our day that the US is a democracy and it is not. And that the Electoral Collage was created because of lack of technology to count the popular vote. Here is what I wrote and you can always check my personal Facebook page for the replies and other details.


The replies to this post just go to show how much the Left has taken over the education system in the country. The Electoral College had nothing to do with technology at the time or in the future from now. It all has to do with States Rights because the United States is a REPUBLIC and not a Democracy.

Even in the 18th Century there were urban centers which were far more populated that the rural areas of what would become the United States. The Electoral College was created, in part, to prevent urban centers from dictating to the rural areas of the country.

To say that the government couldn’t do a popular vote count back in the 18th century is totally false. It is a lie and one you need to stop believing. Voting is always counted at the precinct level. In my home county of Polk county Iowa we have at least 171 precincts with the current election maps. And there are 99 counties in the State of Iowa. That is a lot of precincts. The 18th century would only be counted slower than the 20th and 21st centuries. Everything else is exactly the same as it was then.

The popular votes are counted at the precincts who then give those numbers to the county who in turn give those numbers to the state talleys. And local to Federal level elections are decided by the vote count. Even after the 17th amendment removed the Senate from the various State legislatures appointment to a popular vote. I for one would like to see that amendment repealed and have that given back to the States.

Our founding fathers were perfectly capable of counting the popular vote for the presidency just as it was counted for the House and other statewide and local elections. They could probably count it better than we can today, especially if we were forced not to use computers.

For the Electoral College, each state gets several votes equal to the total number of Senators (representing the State) and Congressmen (representing the people). Remember, we have a REPUBLIC and this is how they work so it is a level playing field for everyone.

I can’t say how the Electoral College in primary only states are chosen. I don’t live in one and have never been part of that process. I live in a caucus state and generally participate in every 2 year caucus cycle. In the 2016 election I was nominated and ran to be a delegate at the Republican national convention. I also was nominated and ran to be a member of the Electoral College. I didn’t win either of those elections but I put my name out there for it. I have usually been a delegate to the county, district, and state conventions a number of times.

Most states have who ever wins the popular vote, that party gets to choose who is on the Electoral College to represent the state. Both parties (and even 3rd parties) choose their electors ahead of time at their conventions. Iowa has 6 Electoral College votes. 2 for our Senators, and 4 for the 4 Congressional districts. And since current Iowa law is that winner takes all. Donald Trump won the popular vote in Iowa so the Republican party had their Electoral College electors vote.

Here is the map of the 2016 election results, it is a clear Republican victory far more red and than blue.

Within the Electoral College there are 538 possible votes, only 270 are needed to win. Which is a very slim majority. In 2016 Trump got 306 and Clinton got 232. Clearly the winner was rightfully Donald Trump. But if we look go with the silly notion of dividing the electoral votes by the popular vote then no one would have been elected and there would have been an unprecedented 2nd election done.
As Clinton would have had 268 votes, Trump would have had 257 votes, Johnston would have gotten 12 votes, and McMullin 1 vote.

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