Iowa a Mixed Bag

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At the state level here in Iowa we have a mixed bag of results. Fortunately we are keeping a Republican majority in both houses of the Iowa Assembly and in the Governorship with Kim Reynolds.

We also keep Paul Pate as the Secretary of State who will keep our elections purer without Leftist attempts to have fraudulent votes. We also have the Secretary of Agriculture as well.

We loss the State Auditor position. This is a bad loss because the Leftist who won is not a CPA and cannot conduct audits. Thus all auditing will now need to be outsourced and paid for by the tax payers of Iowa. A needless expense when we had a CPA as the State Auditor. Additionally this Leftist is only using this position to get name recognition and as a stepping stone to other political offices.

The Treasurer and Attorney General are still in the hands of Leftists. We really need someone to go against Tom Miller, he has been the Leftist Attorney General for 10 terms. And he does not represent the views of Iowa or Iowa’s people.

Author: bynw

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