Implausible Deniability

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This past Sunday, Liz Plank of Vox (America’s #1 online fake news source) was on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” (America’s #1 cable fake news source) discussing the latest developments in the Jussie Smollett case. If you haven’t heard or were smart enough not to pay attention, Smollett is now being suspected of fabricating the alleged hate crime he said happened, using two of his “Empire” co-stars as fall guys. Defending her fellow journalists, Plank said she felt the accusations of the “crime” being committed by two guys wearing MAGA hats was the result of celebrity Tweets and not true journalists.

With all the introspection of a, well, Vox employee, Plank didn’t bother to look at what other media outlets, including CNN, had said about the alleged hate crime. Had she done so, she might have noticed the screamingly obvious: the media ran with the hate crime narrative without checking the facts because the story fit their preconceived biases. And now they’re pretending they had no part in pushing a narrative that fix these biases by saying “We were just reporting the facts.”


The “we were just reporting the facts” is a variation of the “we’re objective journalists” line the media use to shield themselves from criticism when they fail to act like they claim they do. The problem is they don’t always act like they say they do. Most of the time, they’re Leftist stenographers who rarely, if ever, give credence to any other point of view. Take their more recent attempts to discuss global climate change. Leftists have pressured media providers into denying the so-called “climate deniers” on shows to debate the issue and the science behind global climate change. I’m not sure how much pressure they needed to put on their media cohorts, but the point remains. Those in charge of the media are controlling what you see, hear, and believe, either through overt promotion of an ideology or covert censorship of any opposing views.

And when the media make a mistake, they either don’t apologize, post an apology on Twitter well after their initial report, change the subject, or stick any corrections so far back you’re lucky to find them. In this case, Leftist Twitter has done its job and tried to change the subject from Smollett’s possible/probable deception to what impact it will have on real victims of hate crimes.

Like, say, MAGA hat wearers? Naaaaaaah!

The Left doesn’t consider Donald Trump supporters to be victims in the Smollett case because the Left hates them. In their minds, Trump supporter (real, imaginary, or supposed) are subhuman, which makes mocking and slandering them okay. But when those same people call the media “fake news,” Leftists battle to be the first to call out such “vile behavior.” And don’t you dare question the integrity of the press. These brave men and women put their lives on the line to get us the stories that no one else is talking about (except for everyone else in their circles)!

Thin-skinned egotistical hypocrites say what?

If the Smollett case were the first time the press had jumped to a conclusion, I might cut them from slack here. Unfortunately for them, it isn’t, thus no slack and no quarter will be given. And if the press wants to know why, it started with their coverage of Saint Trayvon of Martin. Although neither party involved was an angel, the media portrayed (and continue to portray) Martin as a poor victim instead of a possible criminal who got shot in the process of committing a violent crime. From there we had Michael Brown, “Mattress Girl,” the Covington Catholic school boys, and many other stories that had more sizzle than steak (mmmmm…steak). As of yet, we are still waiting on apologies from the media outlets who pushed these and other ideologically driven stories for not getting the facts right. Want proof? We still have people thinking “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” is a thing!

And media types of Brian Stelter of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” wonder why the public doesn’t trust them anymore.

Then again, he’s the guy who thought someone from Vox would be reliable and/or a source, so there’s that.

Regardless, the media are part of the problem, but they can be part of the solution if they can learn something I learned as a boy: admit when you screwed up, and learn from it so you don’t screw up the next time. Given how long they’ve made the same mistake over and over, I’m guessing it’s above the media’s paygrade.

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