Game Publishing Dilemma

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I’ve been a table-top gamer for many decades now. During that time, I have played and GMed in a lot of game sessions using a vast number of rule sets or systems.

But when I look back only three of those rule sets are my favorite to play in or run. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the others by any means. It just means that three of them are my favorites.

Those three rule sets are:
1) The d6 system by West End Games
2) FUDGE by Grey Ghost Games
3) TinyD6 by Gallant Knight Games

These are just my top three favorites. I do enjoy others as well.

I have used many rule sets over the almost 40 years since my homebrew campaign started up with friends back in high school. From running whole story arcs with one rule set and switching to another for a single-shot adventure or two. And then changing again for the next major story arc.

So here I stand again at the crossroads of my great campaign setting. And I’ve debating with myself to create a published rule set for it. That of course brings me back to my top three favorite systems again.

I have private notes detailing the campaign setting into each of the three systems. None of them are 100% complete and they all get tweaked from time to time as I learn about other ways of using those rule sets and incorporate that information into my campaign of six-guns, sorcery, and psionics. Even with the incomplete notes, I could easily run an adventure using any of those systems around a gaming table.

So here is the point that has been driving me a bit crazy. Which one do I concentrate on?

Due to current licensing and other legal restrictions I am not able to publish my TinyD6 details. They are fine to use around the gaming table with friends but nothing more. Perhaps in the future this option will be available but at this time I must scratch it off the list.

The other two systems are open and very available to use in publishing material on my own setting with my own rule adaptations. And I already love both of those systems. I would like to spread the popularity of both FUDGE and the D6 system so this too has created a dilemma.

How do I choose one over the other?

Then I remembered. In the back appendix of the Fate 2 Fudge Edition book is a section on how to use Fate, which is derivative of FUDGE, with D6’s. I could do the same for FUDGE itself.

With that revelation I would be combining two of my favorite rule sets together. It was the perfect answer to the dilemma I was facing. I don’t have to choose. I can use both.

Thus I will work on the combination of FUDGE that uses d6’s like the D6 system. And the resulting hybrid will be FUDGE D6 for the Teara Adan campaign setting.

Author: bynw

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