Foreign Invasion

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There is a group of some 4000+ strong foreign nationals marching north through various Central American countries. And the leading edge of this force has reached the southern border of Mexico.

It has been alleged that many of these marchers have been paid in cash to do so. With the ultimate goal of reaching the United States. Who is paying them? Why are they paying them?

To move such a force of thousands takes a lot of logistics. They must eat and drink. They need rest and and provisioning. Who is providing these services? This is not an easy undertaking. Why are they being provisioned? These are all very serious questions. A task like this is not spontaneous. This is a planned movement.

The United Nations has rules for those seeking asylum. Which I doubt strongly is the reason for this march, despite the Leftist media’s reports to the contrary. It seems that the rules are ignored for Islamists and Latin American nationals. But the rule is simple. You may only seek asylum in a bordering state. Not travel across multiple nations. This rule of law should be enforced by all nations for all people who claim to be seeking asylum.

President Trump is doing the right thing. It is a good call to bring our military to our southern border to confront this force which is violating international law. Especially if these marchers reach our border and are not stopped before hand.

There is only one name to give a movement of foreign nationals who march upon an other country’s sovereign border.

This is an invasion force. It should be treated as such if it reaches our southern border. This is the perfect place to hide a massive force of Islamic or Leftist terrorists and invaders disguised as asylum seekers.

Author: bynw

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