Trip to Kentucky


Last weekend I had a business trip to Kentucky. My wife was attending a conference/workshop in Bowling Green. But we decided to make a vacation of it first and visited a couple of places that just made the trip even more worthwhile.

First up was the Creation Museum in Petersburg. There are exhibits under construction here so a return trip is needed. But as the name states this museum takes the visitor from Creation through the present time and touches on God’s promises for the future. All from a Biblical perspective.

It does answer questions about the age of the earth, the dinosaurs, and many of the historical events in the Bible and how those events have impacted our lives and perceptions today.

The second stop was in Williamstown. Here is the Ark Encounter. A life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark. Complete with animal replicas and their cages too. This is the largest wooden structure in the world and is full of details on how it worked and would have fulfilled God’s plan to save Noah’s family and the land animals from the destruction of the world wide flood.

This exhibit also goes into the science behind the Flood and the building of the Ark and how it would have worked according to God’s plan. It also goes into the science behind the aftermath of the catastrophic Flood.

Both of these are a must see. Especially for a Believer. And even more so for anyone else. We plan on going back for a second look later this year.

Happy New Year!


New Year’s Day is a time of resolutions. Many will make these resolutions to become more fit or healthy. Some make resolutions to give up bad habits or make new good ones.

Most will fail in these resolutions or give up on them after a short period of time. It always happens, it’s almost a joke for this time of year. But any big changes generally take at least 90 days before you start seeing results. It’s a lof of work in the beginning without seeing or getting any kind of reward. Don’t give up after a few weeks or a couple of months. Keep at it and it will be worth it in the long run.

Some people don’t make any kind of resolutions but a new year is always a new beginning. A new chapter in life. Make the most of it no matter what you do. It’s all at your finger tips.



Oil. It drives the economy of the world. We use it every day to propel vehicles, to heat buildings, and to produce electricity. It is the raw material that creates plastics, polyurethane, solvents, and hundreds of other goods. Currently it’s about $56 per barrel of crude oil and the US alone uses over 90 million barrels of oil every single day.

Oil is a hydrocarbon, as are many of its refined substances. We are taught in school that these hydrocarbon deposits of oil and natural gas were once plants and animals that died millions of years ago. And under the right conditions of heat, pressure, and time, formed into these substances. We are told that oil is dirty and unnatural that is why spills of oil are so bad. Even though it comes from decayed plants and animals there is a finite amount available and we are using it up quickly.

All of these things that we have been taught are lies. Perpetuated by big oil companies for profit, by governments to control, regulate, and tax. And by environmentalists to also control our behavior and to profit off our ignorance.

Just to be clear. Oil is not, and never has been, a fossil fuel and in finite supply. This is total bunk and garbage that goes along with the false global warming/climate change agenda.

Oil and other hydrocarbons are made of the 2 most abundant elements in all of creation. Hydrogen and Carbon. How and where these elements combine create the various hydrocarbons we use every single day.

The creation of oil and other related compounds is a natural chemical process that starts deep within the earth and they are constantly renewing themselves.

Look at the fossil record of the earth to see this truth. No fossils have ever been found deeper than about 16,000 feet. Yet oil deposits have been found as deep at 40,000 feet below the surface. How would fossil fuels exist when there are no fossils that deep?

Has the surface of the earth changed that much? Science already tells us that it hasn’t. Yes, we know that mountains rose, and seas fell. And land masses drifted apart. How could we have oil wells deep below the floor of the ocean when algae, a listed source of the fossil fuel myth, grows on the surface of bodies of water. Not deep below it.

Scientists in the Soviet Union worked to make Russia oil independent during the cold war. Their scientists discovered that oil was plentiful renewable resource. During the 1950’s they published many papers on their discoveries including a paper by Vladimir Porfir’yev who announced that “crude oil and natural gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the earth. They are primordial materials which have erupted from great depths.”

Of course the West wasn’t interested in this research. There was the cold war going on against the Soviet Union and the Western world. The papers still exist, published in Russian, translated by a few. That are generally discredited as Soviet propaganda and not factual because it doesn’t fit the fossil fuel theory and the industry built on it.

If you are still not convinced. Take a look at the recent information from NASA. Due to the technology that we have today we know that Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, has a dense atmosphere and land masses and bodies of liquid lakes. Titan doesn’t have a water cycle like we have on Earth. Titan has a methane cycle where it rains methane down from its skies. And the lakes are hydrocarbon lakes of oil and other substances.

Petroleum lakes and rain would have to come from the decayed life if the fossil fuel theory is true. But no life has ever existed on Titan to create these huge lakes and other sources of hydrocarbons. So they cannot be fossil in origin. Logic dictates this clearly and without a shred of doubt.

Deep within Titan’s core, these hydrocarbons are produced. Just as they are produced within Earth’s core. We have let to learn the secrets of how they are produced. Mainly because we cling to the false belief that these compounds are limited and came from biological matter over millions of years. And whole industries would have to fundamentally change their business practices once this myth is shattered.

I do want to add a side note here. I am not against a free market that capitalism provides. I am against corruption of that free market. Profit should not be based on fear of a resource that is truly abundant but presented as finite as is done with oil.

The New Doctor


I’ve started watching the newest season of Doctor Who. The BBC’s long running science-fiction program. And I have been a fan of this show for many decades.

Each time there is a new lead actor taking over the role started by the late William Hartnell I get a little nervous. Will I like this new Doctor and the personality the actor brings to this iconic role? Does the new actor make a convincing Time Lord? Are they the Doctor?

Throughout the program’s run since it started in 1963 there have been 13 actors, including John Hurt who was the “war Doctor”, and we are now starting with the 14th actor in the lead role. But since John Hurt’s incarnation didn’t go by the name “The Doctor” the newest actor is considered to be the 13th Doctor. There are a few little tid bits in you want to get technical about the Time Lord’s regenerations but we’ll just go with the 13th Doctor for the sake of this article.

But this 13th Doctor is special. We know from previous incarnations that the Time Lords gave the Doctor additional regenerations so that isn’t what makes this one special. That was the previous Doctor’s special call. What makes this incarnation unique is that the Doctor’s regeneration made him a her. The lead role has been passed on to a woman instead of the traditional male actor playing the enigmatic Time Lord.

It was previously established that regeneration of Time Lords could result in a change in gender. This happened to the Doctor’s Time Lord nemesis, The Master, who regenerated into Missy. It is not common but it is possible.

I am not against this idea. From what I have seen so far of Jodie Whittaker, the 13th Doctor, is The Doctor. She is everything I expect to see in the Doctor. Her run in the title role will be a good one. Time will tell if she makes it into the Top 3 joining the ranks of Tom Baker and David Tennant who are the two greatest actors to ever wear the mantel of Time Lord.

I look forward to following the adventure of Jodi Whittaker as she further embarks on this season and more of Doctor Who.

Andi Kitten


Andi Rheinherren: 22 May 2006 – 24 August 2018

My sweet 12 year old baby girl Bengal kitten Andi crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge today. She gets to rejoin with one of her litter mates
and joins the Pride of Astral cats that have long been part of my

She is survived here by her sister and litter mate Kagi who will miss her
a lot in the coming weeks. The liked to pick on each other as most
siblings do. Andi’s human mommy and daddy miss her terribly along
with the rest of her human family. She will always be in our hearts.

Ands’ was a very lovable and talkative Bengal. She always had to get
in the last word in any conversation. And she would talk to you even
if you didn’t want to talk. She always had to be in every conversation.

She always loved to lounge across the back of her dad’s chair or
snuggle right up against him at night, taking up a good “cat sized”
portion of the bed. Unlike her sissy, Andi loved to have her furry
belly rubbed and would flop over just to have that done.

Andi was a brave kitten, fighting seizures the last few months of her
life. She only grumbled a couple of times about taking her medicine.

She lived her life fully. 12 years as a playful kitten. Dearly loved and
she will be dearly missed.

It’s been a year


A year ago I lost my dad. And when I heard the news that he has passed I was devastated. He died on the morning of my 50th birthday.

My plans instantly changed and I made several trips to Fort Dodge and back. Working out the details of his obituary and planning a wake with the rest of my family in the area.

We had a great time at the wake. A lot of friends and family turned out for it. Stories circled around the room about many things dad had done in his 80+ years of life on this globe.

Dad would have loved the venue for his wake. The entire place was decorated with taxidermy mounts of all shapes and kinds. Taxidermy was one of the careers and hobbies dad had over the years of his life.

Dad was loved by many, and it showed. Siblings, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, and others. He had touched their heart with his own.

He had his quirks, but then who doesn’t. Some came from his generation of course. He grew up in a very different time and place from today. But overall he was a good man. He loved his wife Kathy as if they were two teenagers. He had a great sense of humor. He knew how to show love and forgiveness.

Now we are at the one year anniversary since dad passed. We have the heart-felt loss tugging at us from time to time. We have the memories of our times together. We have the shared memories from friends and family.

He is missed. But he is also just around the corner from us. Just a moment of time is all that separates us from him. Talk to him like you always did, use your familiar name for him.

Carry his memory with a smile.

It’s been 5 years


Today marks the 5th anniversary of Dawson’s passing from this earth. I still think of my son often. There are many times that something comes up and I think “Dawson would like that.”

I smile at his memory and miss him. I am far from alone in my feelings. His mom, his birth father, his sister. Jen and his grandparents. His many friends and members of his Fairemly. And his wife Meaghan.

All of us deeply miss his simile, his humor, and his physical presence with us.

To me, he was and always shall be my oldest son. But he also was a fellow gamer, a co-worker, and my friend.

My greatest hope was he would be able to get his seizures under control. And then I always to teach him the basics of driving so he could eventually get his drivers licence. It would have been a highlight of my life.

Although Dawson’s life on this earth was short. It was meaningful in the way he toucheed all of our lives.

He was a good example to follow. In his kindness, his generosity, and his love and forgiveness.

So on this day, have a Macallan in honor of Dawson. If you don’t drink, that is fine, just toast him with your beverage of choice. He’ll understand.

A Star Trek Discovery Review


I have been watching the latest Star Trek series. Star Trek: Discovery. The storytelling and plot are fantastic thus far. But like the reboot movies it has a lot of continuity issues.

The Discovery takes place some 10 years before Captain James T. Kirk conducts his famous 5 year mission on the Enterprise. So I watch for things that should not be in that time period of known Star Trek history.

First off there is the use of the arrow head emblem for all of Star Fleet. This is incorrect. The arrow head emblem did not become the symbol of Star Fleet until after Captain Kirk returned from his historic 5 year mission. Prior to that event every ship in Star Fleet had it’s own symbol. The arrow head was the symbol of the U.S.S. Enterprise only.

The technology seems to improve by going back in time of Star Trek’s history. They have holographic displays and consoles. This tech is even better that the tech of the Enterprise in The Next Generation under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The Discovery even has a small holodeck for combat training. Something that wasn’t invented until the 24th century in The Next Generation, and then it was rather new and a questionable technology. It is flawless on the Discovery.

Everyone seems to use holographic communications as well. The Federation aboard Star Fleet vessels and even the Klingons themselves. No more putting the incoming communication “on screen”. There is a 3 dimensional person to walk around and interact with while communicating, although not a physical interaction like a holodeck. This is a technology never before demonstrated in the history of Star Trek. However it is a direct rip-off (or flattery) of the HoloNet communications from Star Wars used by the Republic, the Empire, and Rebels alike for 1,000’s of years.

I do like the new look of the Imperial Kingons. However in proper Star Trek canon the very existence of these Klingons from deep within the Klingon Empire were not known to the Federation until the V’ger incident. The Klingons were well versed in the science of genetic engineering, something that the Federation banned, and they created the Klingon/Human fusions that we saw in the original series.

We also have the Discovery’s spore drive. This is basically a kind of hyperdrive or jumpdrive. Ripped-off (or more flattery) from Star Wars and/or the reimaged Battlestar Galactica. Apparently this technology was either lost in the war against the Klingons or banned afterwards due to the biological component needed to make it work properly.

At the time of this writing we have yet to see the Romulans in this incarnation of Star Trek. But we shouldn’t see them either. Star Trek history tells us that Earth and the Romulans had a war about 90 to 100 years prior to the Discovery time period. As it had been 100 years since the Romulan war when Kirk and crew encounter them in the “Balance of Terror” episode of the original series. And at that point no one knew what a Romulan looked like either. Time will tell if this canon of Star Trek gets violated by the Discovery as it was already violated by the movie reboot.

It does seem to me that there is a continuity between the Star Trek Enterprise series, the movie reboots, and the Discovery series. However this continuity breaks down greatly when compared to the original series, the Next Generation, DS9, and Voyager series.

Within the Star Trek universe this can be explained easily as an alternate timestream or a parallel universe. If it is an alternative timestream, we have yet to see the Federation Time Fleet of the future come in and correct the errors that have been made. If is just a parallel universe then there is nothing to correct and it can be accepted as such.

But overall Star Trek Discovery is a good show and worth watching despite the multiple continuity errors as seen from the eyes of an old generation Trekker. Looking forward to the season finale and next season.

A decade ago


10 years ago my mom passed away. She lost her year and a half battle against cancer. But as it says in 2nd Timothy, she fought the good fight, she finished the race, and she kept the faith.

She is dearly missed on this earth and still very much loved by friends and family alike.

Rest in Peace mom. I love you.

Rest in Peace Dad


Yesterday was my 50th birthday. I was going to write a post reflecting on my half-century life. But I got a phone call yesterday morning telling me that my 83 year old dad had passed away.

My parents were divorced from one another by the time I was 2 years old. I never had much interaction with my dad while I was growing up. And a number of family members were always speaking ill of him. For a long time I believed those stories.

Somewhere along the line I learned that I actually looked like my dad the older I got. I thought that was interesting but never did much about it. Genetics after all will always play a part in your life.

When my grandfather passed away, my dad didn’t come to the funeral. I was upset by that and thought it was rather rude. At the time I didn’t know there was an unhealed rift between father and son which caused my dad to stay away from that family gathering.

Many years later, his older brother died suddenly and without any warning. I felt a call to reach out to my dad and heal that rift. Much like my own son did with his birth father. So I did reach out. I thought I had nothing to lose, if he didn’t want to talk to me then I wouldn’t have lost anything except a bit of time and a stamp.

My dad rejoiced at the re-connection of his youngest child. I learned a great number of things that I didn’t know about my family and my dad as well. It made sense out of a good number of events in life. I learned that I had a lot in common with my dad. It was a wonderful re-connection. One that I should have done a lot sooner but hindsight is always 20/20.

The last few years of being reconnected with my dad have been the best years of my life. I will treasure every moment I’ve spent with him and writing back and forth between those visits. I will also continue to reach out to his widow, Kathy, she is a sweetheart and one of the best things to have ever happened to my dad.