Gotcha Day

Today is my dog Chico’s “gotcha day.” This is the term for when a pet gets adopted from a shelter and becomes part of the family, but it feels a lot like a second birthday for my little buddy.

My wife and I were looking to add to our family, but with my wife’s allergies, we had to be careful. After a couple of failed attempts to find the right dog, we went to our local Animal Rescue League to check out two Bichon Frises named Freddie and Fannie. (At the time, I worked at a mortgage company that will remain nameless, but can be identified as one that has a billion dollar fine hanging over its head, so the idea of having dogs named after two major players in the mortgage industry.) As we walked by his pen to see Freddie and Fannie, Chico jumped and caught my attention. Little did we know it was at that moment Chico jumped into my wife’s and my hearts.

We spent a little time with Freddie and Fannie, but they didn’t seem to take to us very well. As we thought about leaving, my wife suggested we check out Chico. And am I glad she did! Spending time with Chico showed us he was fun, lovable, and above all else the piece of the puzzle my wife and I needed to find to make a whole family. Even though he was 9 at the time, it didn’t matter to us. The three of us bonded in the time we spent with each other. An hour later, we walked out of the ARL with Chico and started our new lives together.

When my wife and I adopted Chico, we didn’t know a lot about his history, so we had to learn by trial and error. From what we were able to gather from his mannerisms, Chico had a tough life. His previous owners gave him up after only a week because they felt he wasn’t potty trained right. He also came into our home with a distrust of men, which made things a little awkward for me since, well, I am one. I also had a slight fear of dogs stemming from a childhood incident where a dog scratched me on my forehead when I tried to pet it.

After months of trying to figure each other out, Chico finally got comfortable enough with us to start playing and being more outgoing. He still has issues to deal with, but my wife and I keep those issues in mind and act accordingly. Now, four years later, Chico is a happy little guy.

Aside from celebrating Chico’s “gotcha day”, I do have a serious message. Don’t overlook the older animals looking for homes. Sure, they’re not as cute as puppies and kittens, but they’re no less loving, no less deserving of a good home. They may have issues as Chico did, but they need love and understanding. And, as Chico did for me, they teach us to be better people.

So, if you’re looking for a pet, adopt, don’t buy. You will save a life and experience a whole new understanding of love in the process.

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Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

Remember when the Left was obsessed with President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia waaaaaay back a whole week or so ago? Well, this past week has blunted that enthusiasm now that there are alleged connections between Russia and the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Now, they want us to ignore their possible crimes to focus on the crimes they’ve alleged President committed.

What is at the core of both of these situations? Leftist double standards, for one, but I’m referring to Russia. The Left’s relationship with Russia makes Sybil look well-adjusted. One day, they’re our ally and we can trust them when they have information that hurts Donald Trump. The next day, they’re our enemy and we can’t trust them to tell the truth when they have information that hurts them. Complicate is hardly the word for this kind of Jeckyl and Hyde relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at the elephant, or bear in this case, in the room.


What the Left thinks it means – a country that has aided Donald Trump in stealing the 2016 election and is, therefore, our enemy. Also, a country that wasn’t our enemy when Barack Obama was President.

What it really means – our worst frienemy

There was a time when the Left looked up to the Russians. Usually, it was when the Russians were communists, but that admiration never quite went away. Now, the Left tries to relive the wonder years of the former Soviet Union while making tons of money in the pursuit of it.

Let that sink in for a moment.

On the other side of the aisle, the Right adopted Ronald Reagan’s approach of “trust, but verify.” For a while in the mid 80s and early 90s, the US and Russia had a burgeoning relationship, but that changed when hardcore communists hung around and kept just enough power to remain relevant. Then came the rise of Vladimir “Rudy” Putin. A former KGB member, Putin didn’t want the former Soviet Union to die out completely and adopted many of the same draconian ideas that were popular in the Soviet Union. (Oddly enough, college Leftists are adopting those same ideas today.) As a result, the Right went back to not trusting Russia.

This conflict of approaches came to a head during a 2012 Presidential debate between Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. While Romney warned people of the threat Russia posed, Obama brushed it off with a comment about the 80s wanting their foreign policy back. Good times. Of course, that was before the Left lost the 2016 election while collaborating with the Russians, so naturally the Russians are bad guys now, right?

Well, actually, they are, but unlike the Left, my distrust of Russia isn’t situational nor political. Call it my Cold War Spidey Sense, but whenever you have a former member of the KGB heading up a former enemy turned fairweather friend, it tends not to end well. And unfortunately our foreign policy has been slow to pick up on this. Then again, when you’ve had Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, two of the most ineffective and unintelligent Secretaries of State in recent memory, heading up foreign policy, I’m amazed Russia hasn’t already taken over the country. (Note to the Leftists who think this has already happened, respond to this column so I can send you money to buy a clue.)

Meanwhile, we still have the Russian threat to address, and they have friends. I’m speaking of China, another geopolitical thorn in our side. China and Russia haven’t always gotten along, but in recent years they’ve found a common enemy in America. Let’s just say these two countries wouldn’t be too heartbroken if we got knocked down a peg or 20, and both countries have a means to do just that with enough provocation. China owns a lot of our debt, and Russia has a significant oil reserve. Combine those two, and you have the makings of an America economic disaster that would make the mortgage crisis of 2008 look like you lost a nickel down a sewer grate.

And it’s not like this is a new phenomenon, either. Russia and China have been getting chummy for a few years now, including when a certain President mocked Mitt Romney’s prescient warning as being an outdated concept. Yeah, now the party of that President now thinks Russia is a bad guy because they believe (falsely) Russia cost their 2016 candidate the Presidency. (Yeah, it totally has nothing to do with the fact she was unlikable, inept, and couldn’t seem to find Wisconsin on a map…of Wisconsin.) Now that their own connections to Russia are coming to light, the Left isn’t so keen on digging into the situation further, but they are totally on board with continuing the investigation into the Trump-Russia connection to the point Don Quixote is telling them to seek help.

And while all of this political theater is going on, Russia is biding its time, waiting for the moment when they can drop the hammer. And possibly the sickle, too.

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Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

I had originally intended this week’s Leftist Lexicon to be something lighthearted and fun (there’s a first time for everything), but the events of the past 24 hours have changed things just a bit. For those of you who haven’t been following the news, a group of white nationalists held a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and members of Antifa held a counter-protest. And, as you might expect when two combustible elements get together, there was violence, hate, and even fatalities.

And, also as you might expect, the Left is trying to make hay out of the connections between President Donald Trump and the white supremacists. To some, you’re automatically responsible for Charlottesville if you’re white, and to other more sensible types, you’re responsible if you’re white and voted for Trump. See? Totally more sensible!

Meanwhile, what exactly is white supremacy? Let’s find out!

white supremacy

What the Left thinks it means – white conservatives who have taken over the Trump Administration, also associated with the alt right

What it really means – the photo negative version of Black Lives Matter

Right now, the Leftists reading this are either angrily typing up responses, scratching their heads in disbelief, or asking for money. But when you think about it, the only thing separating Black Lives Matter and white supremacists is the color of their skin. At the heart of both of their philosophies is a belief their experiences are the result of “others” oppressing them. They both believe they are justified in striking back against those who are causing them strife. They both are fine with using violence to achieve their vengeance…I mean goals.

And they’re both wrong.

The fact of the matter is white supremacists aren’t being oppressed by anyone but themselves. If you believe your skin color gives you any type of superiority, you’re already handicapping yourself by limiting your perspective. Every race has its share of extremists, but they also have their share of brilliance. To deny that fact is to deny yourself a wider experience full of wonder. And in America today, it’s getting harder to avoid “cross-pollination” as it were.

So, white supremacists, what are you going to do? If yesterday was any indication, you’re going to look like assholes. And possibly unemployable ones at that.

But that doesn’t excuse antifa here, either. You guys already look like assholes after the Berkeley riots, but since you don’t seem to have jobs, you don’t have to worry about being unemployable since you were already unemployable to begin with. You guys are provocateurs, just like the white supremacists you claim to oppose. But since this blog is about white supremacists, you’re off the hook for now.

The Left is making the connection between President Trump and white supremacists because, well, the white supremacists are saying they’re connected. Adding fuel to the fire was Trump’s tweet trying to spread out the blame for the hate shown in Charlottesville to everyone. Yeah, not a good move there, Mr. President. Not only does it appear you’re clueless about the situation, but you’ve given the Left more ammunition with which to attack you. Then again, they tend to invent evidence when needed, but this one was the political equivalent of an “own goal” in soccer.

White supremacists may think Trump is their key to regaining power after 8 years of Barack Obama, but it’s not. If you put all your faith in someone who looks like you, but doesn’t share your values, you’ll wind up even more disappointed than you were before you anointed that person the Great Whites Only Hope. And let’s not forget Trump dumped you guys during the campaign. You voting for him doesn’t change the fact he’s just not that into you or your racist ways.

It’s time for the white supremacists to grow up and realize the only ones responsible for their woes are themselves. It may be hard to get over your racism, but it’s well worth it, if only to defang the Left. They can’t call you a racist if you’re not a racist. (Well, they can, but it won’t hold as much weight if you’re not snapping Hitler salutes and carrying Nazi or Confederate battle flags.)

Besides, you can always point to their “leadership” and tell them to get outside of their glass houses.

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End of an Era in Iowa

With a vote in the US Senate the term of America’s longest serving governor comes to an end. The US Senate confirmed Monday afternoon that Terry Branstad would be the US Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. This ends his role as the Governor of the State of Iowa and his record as the longest serving governor in American history.

Today Govenor Branstad resigns from the Govenorship of Iowa and will be sworn in as the Ambassador to China. In his place Lieutenant Govenor Kim Reynolds will be sworn in as the 43rd Govenor of the State of Iowa.

Governor Reynolds will be Iowa’s first female Governor and she will serve out the remainder of Terry Branstad’s term which ends in 2018. She will most likely run for re-election as the Republican nominee at that time.

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Are Needle Exchange Vending Machines a Step Forward?

Las Vegas is about to become the first place in the United States to offer free, clean needles dispensed from vending machines. Each kit will include 10 needles, bandages, addiction treatment information, a tourniquet, alcohol swabs, and a container for needle disposal, and the machines may later offer material about safe sex. The idea behind the machines is to reduce the spread of bloodborne diseases and infections that occur when drug abusers share the same needles, however, many are worried about the fact that it might encourage the use of addictive drugs. Let’s take a closer look at both sides to see if these machines will make a positive impact.

Why Needle Exchange Vending Machines May Be Detrimental

The biggest reason most people seem to oppose these vending machines is the thought that it might encourage the use of the addictive drugs in the first place. Having clean needles available may reduce some of the risk previously faced by drug abusers, which could give some drug abusers a false sense of security. A lowered perception of danger may also entice individuals to start their abuse of addictive drugs. While it is debatable whether the vending machines will actually increase the use of these drugs, it is undeniable that the goal of this program is to focus on harm reduction, rather than address the root of addiction.

Detractors for this program are likely to bring up the fact that it will be funded by government dollars. It is understandable to oppose these clean exchange vending machine for financial reasons, as money will be taken out of taxpayers’ hard-earned paychecks to support other individuals’ drug habits. There is a chance that taxpayer opposition could force the government to either cut back funding on these types of projects or get rid of them altogether.

There is also the opinion that the government would be better off putting money towards ways to actually treat addiction. While it would be unrealistic to set up a program that gives every heroin addict free access to luxury drug rehab centers, there are more modest approaches that could make a positive impact. Putting moneytowards health care coverage, funding for drug treatment, and creating more treatment jobs can all help to prevent addiction itself.

Why Vending Machines for Clean Injection May Help

Although the main focus of these needle exchange programs will not be helping people recover from addiction, they could certainly minimize the risks of drug abusers picking up several infectious diseases. Having these exchanges in place will also help keep dirty needles off of the streets, which can be a problem for police officers and other members of the community who come across them in public. Several medical professionals and police officers agree that these vending machines may be effective in harm reduction. This includes Nevada doctor and public health official Joseph Iser, who said, “Providing clean needles and supplies is a proven method for limiting disease transmission in a community.”

It is fair to question the implementation of these machines due to the fact that they will not help with the addiction itself, yet it is also important to keep in mind that people do not like to be forced into change. The way the program is set up offers a low-risk way to get help while reducing the stigma that tends to follow drug abusers over the course of their addiction. These safe injection sites may actually be a turning point for addicts, encouraging them to decide that they need help on their own, instead of being pushed towards treatment they may not be ready to receive.

There are valid points made by both sides on this issue, however, it is hard not to side with the professionals on this problem. Implementing these vending machines in Las Vegas could protect plenty of addicts from diseases, as 1 in 10 cases of HIV in the area have been traced to the use of injected drugs. Drug injection vending machines will not stop people from abusing addictive drugs, but it is worth taking a chance on them to see if they will reduce the risk of harmful disease and infections.

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What’s In a Name?

Now that President Donald Trump has started cracking down on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, the Left has been working tirelessly to address the problem. And they’ve come up with a great idea.

Rename sanctuary cities to welcoming cities.

And for their next trick, they will cure cancer by renaming it Dick Cheney.

Seriously, though, this is another attempt by the Left to change the language to soften the image of a particular problem, illegal immigration in this case. Illegal immigrant activists have noted the term “sanctuary city” has taken on a negative connotation, which they promptly blame on racism. So, in order to battle the racism of not allowing people who break immigration laws to live without fear, they want to change the name to something more friendly, so the people who break immigration laws can live without fear. And there will be rainbows and lollypops and unicorns farting Skittles!

Meanwhile in the real world, we still have an illegal immigration problem, and putting a new coat of paint on the problem doesn’t solve it.

To me, illegal immigration is a three-tiered problem. The first tier is the illegal immigrants themselves. There are any number of reasons people cross the border into America (freedom, money, premium cable channels), but hopping the border isn’t the way to go about it. There is a process. You may not agree with it, and it may not always be the most convenient, but it’s necessary, if not for us, then for the people who went through the proper channels to get here. There’s a reason there are so many legal immigrants who oppose illegal immigration, and I doubt you want to call them racist for taking the stance they do.

The second tier is a bit more troublesome. We have business owners and companies willing to hire illegal immigrants to do jobs some Americans won’t do (at least for the pay these companies are offering). The prospect of cheap labor means more profits, and that gives business owners and businesses an incentive to bend the law more than Plastic Man on a coke bender. In order to tackle the issue, this incentive must be removed. That can only be done with the help of the third tier, the government.

Before we dive into this part of the equation, I must reiterate I am both a free market and a small government fan, but I am also a believer in the notion capitalism needs a moral core to avoid the pitfalls of the dark side of a free market economy. When business owners can’t or won’t follow the law, government has a role.

When it comes to illegal immigration, however, the government has been slower to react than a sloth on a triple shot of NyQuil. In fact, the previous Administration took a hostile stance against states who dared to follow immigration laws as written. The nerve of some people! With Trump in charge, I see this hostility going away and a new philosophy of trying to secure our borders taking hold. Of course, any action in this direction is going to draw criticism from the Left and from activists.

And I’ll give you three guesses as to which type of activists. If you said “the same bozos wanting to change the name of sanctuary cities to welcoming cities,” you win. If you didn’t, you might need some help.

Illegal immigration is a problem with a lot of moving parts, but painting everyone who opposes it racist or trying to change the name of sanctuary cities isn’t going to work. It may be time to give these activists a visual aid to help them understand.

Move in with them, totally unannounced, and expect them to feed, clothe, and house you. Of course, these folks might call the police and say you’re trespassing, but you can say you were seeking a welcoming home.

Maybe they’ll get the point then, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for confirmation.

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The Doctor

Well the news it out. Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the current season. He has been the Doctor since the end of Matt Smith’s tenure and he was the first Doctor to come after the Time Lords of Gallifray enabled him to regenerate again at the end of his 12 regeneration cycle.

It will be sad to see him go. But like always in the decades I have watched and have been a fan of the British Science Fiction program. There will be a regeneration, and a new Doctor to take the title role. Continuing the adventures in time and space and the Doctor’s much loved world of Earth as a second home.

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Online Communities

Facebook has ruined online communities. Everyone has flocked to this medium that takes total control away from the community it is supposed to serve and puts that control into the hands of corporate sponsorships aka advertisers.

Back in the early days of the internet there were a multitude of communities. Each community, no matter the subject, had their own forum and chat. The forum was hosted on their domain website while chat was on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Sometimes on a major IRC network, other times on a smaller one that had less crazy controls.

Fortunately some online communities keep their distance from Facebook and other so-called social media sites that force regulations that cannot be controlled by the community on them. These are the communities that will survive the eventual decline of social media sites.

With a forum, you can control who comes, what the see, and your privacy policy doesn’t change constantly forcing the users to change their settings every few months. It is a far better system. And if you have live chat and can’t find an IRC network to your liking, you can always toss up your own.

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Call Centers

I am really not a fan of unions. In most cases they have long out lived their original purpose and are now cesspools of liberal thought and agendas. But I think there are a few cases where they are still necessary. One of these places is in call centers.

For the most part call center employees are among the most underpaid careers and usually disrespected by their management, coworkers in other departments, and the customers they serve. The job is high stress generally without any form of reward for a job well done. They are usually required to maintain extreme standards in phone etiquette that goes above and beyond what is normally expected of anyone else. And maintain a dress code usually reserved for people who interact with the public in person.

Some call center employees get the work that other departments in their organization don’t want to do, generally with little or no training. This is because the management has decided that those working in the call center don’t do anything and have lots of free time. So they get the busy work.

These are all cases where a union would be beneficial for a call center. The employees would be able to get a wage fitting of their skills, abilities, and worth to the organization. A union would insure that the call center would have to listen to the ideas of the people that can make or break a company if they choose. It still runs the risk of liberal agendas entering the call center union employees but until further reform is made. It’s a risk worth taking as it can be countered.

A call center employee is the very backbone of any organization providing a service. They should be treated with dignity and respect. From inside the organization and outside too. Remember that the next time you have to make that service call.

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What’s Eating Colin Kaepernick?

Before the first kickoff of the NFL regular season, we have our first NFL-related controversy not involving a dirty rotten cheater named Tom Brady. (Not that I have an opinion on Brady, mind you.) From our good friends on the West Coast, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for the playing of the National Anthem before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick explained his actions on Twitter, saying it was because there are so many blacks dying in the streets and that he felt it was part of the American culture, as symbolized by the flag.

While his statements and actions have been inflammatory, the beautiful thing about America is he has a right to say it without the government smacking him down like a linebacker getting a sack on him. As much as it pains me to do it, I have to defend his right to make a stand, no matter how misguided it is.

Of course, that same right gives us the ability to mock him for the benchwarming, Super Bowl losing, underperforming and overpaid, selfish douchenozzle he is.

After the incident, Kaepernick said he was inspired by Black Lives Matter, a network of people who have made it a point to cry “police brutality” in lieu of “wolf” and turn a blind eye to the problems in their own communities. Kaepernick himself is biracial, with a white mother and a black father. His birth mother gave him up for adoption, where he was adopted by a white family and got a lot of benefits from that experience.

But, yeah, he’s totally legit when it comes to The Struggle.

Granted, Kaepernick has been vocal in his support for Black Lives Matter in the past, so this most recent of acts shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I have to question the timing. To put it mildly, last season wasn’t the best for him. Not only did he find himself riding the bench like a stripper in a rich man’s lap, but his prospects of making this year’s team are dwindling faster than the aforementioned rich man’s wallet with said stripper. Imagine the uproar if Kaepernick would be cut, benched, or traded to another team after this incident. Regardless of the facts involved, there would still be people who would think it was because the 49ers organization was racist and would protest in that vein.

Yeah. You might want to ask Michael Sam how that approach worked out for him. That is, if you can catch him between shifts at the Frialator.

Whether it’s a position based on firm conviction or selfishness, Kaepernick made his bed, and now he has to lie in it. Of course, being the kind soul that I am, I’ve devised a way for him to help.

Just give the portion of your contract that derives from white fans and give it to the communities you feel are most racially oppressed. Of course, the FBI states more white are killed by cops than blacks, so logically that would mean whites are more oppressed by cops when it comes to death by police officer.

In other words, you’d be giving your white fans refunds. And instead of blaming it on The Man, you can be The Man and help oppressed people like me avoid getting shot by police. That might mean you have to give up some of your wealth and ability to buy nice things for yourself, but isn’t it worth it knowing you’re helping stamp out oppression?

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