Life is Heartbeat to Heartbeat

On Thursday May 4th 2018 history was made in the State of Iowa. For the first time since 1973 the unborn have a fighting chance for life.

Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon that day Governor Kim Reynolds was in agreement with the Iowa Assembly when they determined that human life started with a heartbeat. Senate File 359 landed on her desk after it has passed both the Iowa House and Iowa Senate. The Governor then signed the Fetal Heartbeat Bill into law.

At the Governor’s desk was a large crowd of children, parents, and supporters of Life. Even before Governor Reynolds signed the bill making it part of Iowa Law, she knew it would be met with opposition and legal action, by those who seek the death of the unborn for profit and personal gain. Planned Parenthood of Iowa had already threatened the Governor that she would be sued if she signed the Fetal Heartbeat Bill into law.

Two dozen protesters were outside of the Governor’s office at the time of the signing. It has yet to be determined if these people were even from Iowa or if any of them were from outside the state. Here to protest where there was little to no opposition.

Governor Kim Reynolds is a devout believer in the Word of God. She is a champion of Life. And despite the terrible odds that unelected black robed tyrants will in all likely hood prevent this law from taking effect on July 1st. She signed it anyway.

For this reason alone she has my deepest respect. And my continued support and vote for re-election this fall. This champion must remain the Governor of the great State of Iowa for the next 4 years.


Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

He is Risen! Happy Easter and Passover!

Although it’s Easter Sunday, Leftist insanity doesn’t take a day off, so neither do I. And boy do we have a doozy for you!

Recently in an email group I belong to, the subject of Christians and Christianity came up. The Leftists in the group did everything in their power to either dismiss Christianity or use it to “prove” they were better than Christians because…reasons. Some even attempted to prove the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were written by ghost writers. Casper could not be reached for comment.

To put it mildly, Leftists have an odd approach to Christians. That’s fine by me, since I have an odd approach to Leftists: mocking them whenever I can.


What the Left thinks it means – a group of backwards-thinking people bound by superstition and denying science, facts, and logic

What it really means – a group of imperfect people who are easy targets for those who don’t believe

The Left has a tendency to believe they are the smartest people in the room, and as such anything that falls outside of that belief is stupid. Such is the case with Christianity. To Leftists, Christians are complete mysteries. I mean, believing in an invisible deity who promises eternal life? That’s what Democrats in Chicago do to stay in power by voting for the dead, and they’re quite visible (some say transparent), so faith in God has to be for rubes and uneducated hicks!

At least until those same Leftists need votes. Then, candidates either couch their rhetoric with such fine sounding words like “economic and social justice” or “helping the less fortunate.” For a lot of Christians, it works…as long as you don’t bother looking into what the proposals are. This cynical approach to Christians is designed to hit them in their hearts. By nature, Christians are compassionate and want to help people in whatever way they can. Some even think the deeds on Earth will get them into Heaven.

Without getting too far into the theological weeds, there is a question as to whether this approach actually works. Although it’s nice to help someone who needs a hand, it doesn’t turn God into Willy Wonka. Deeds on Earth, known in some circles as “works”, only go so far. If they’re being done to hit the Heavenly Lotto, it defeats the purpose of doing the deeds because they’re being done for selfish reasons. In my faith (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran for those playing along at home), works mean nothing because Man is imperfect. It’s like trusting Michael Jackson to babysit; you hope it will turn out well, but bets are it won’t.

Leftists also have this need to be in control. To accept God means Leftists would have to give up at least some power over their lives and the lives of others. As a result, their best and brightest thinkers set out to disprove God using whatever means necessary. Semantics, logic, even philosophy and science are tools in their arsenals, and they use them whenever they can.

Which is to say all the time. Now you know how London felt during the Blitz.

Under near-constant attack, many Christians feel the need to give in if only to fit in. And it’s not like the Left is illiterate when it comes to Scripture, either. When they’re not trying to pick it apart to find discrepancies, they use it to justify their ideological goals. As the old saying goes, however, even the Devil can quote Scripture. In this case, Christians have to be careful not to fall prey to false doctrine when it’s tied to political ends.

One time when I went to visit my parents over a spring weekend, I went to my old church in my hometown. The service was good, the Pastor was good, but then it came down to the Bible lesson about being good shepherds of the Earth. In a stunning twist, the leaders of my old church turned the lesson into an appeal for environmentalism and to fight against global warming. I know God said we should take care of the Earth, but I see Him more as Barry Gibb rather than Al Gore.

Of course, if you’re not on board with that or any other Leftist ideas, then the Left will say you’re not Christian enough. Against illegal immigration? Well, the Bible says we need to take care of the less fortunate, so you’re not acting very Christian! Think there should be tax cuts? The Bible says wealth is bad, so you’re not too Christian!

And when they’re not calling you out, they’re calling you backwards. Against abortion? The Bible is anti-woman, so we can’t live by those outdated notions! Dressing modestly? That’s because the Bible is outdated! Don’t drink, smoke, or have sex before marriage? How old fashioned and utterly boring!

See the problem here? To the Left, Christians are like small children who just don’t know any better, and the Left sees themselves as wise men and women who will lead you out of your intellectual morass and into enlightenment (i.e. get you to vote for their issues and candidates and donate heavily to their causes). And they will use your faith as a tool to get you to do what they want.

If that’s not weaponizing faith, I don’t know what is.

But here’s the thing, kids. God doesn’t care who you vote for. He has that already covered. If He wants abortions on demand, He will find a way to make Nancy Pelosi the President of the United States. From what I understand, He has that kind of power. (Then again, so do the Russians allegedly, but that’s neither here nor there.) Man’s power on Earth is peanuts compared to the kind of power God has. What Man thinks will take several months to complete, God can do in the blink of an eye.

Faith and politics are two areas that can corrupt one another very easily when both are applied incorrectly because both appeal to Man’s baser nature. But when one can find a balance between the two with a focus on doing the right thing to honor God and honor a commitment to his or her constituents, it’s a wonder to behold.

Even though we Christians are imperfect, we mustn’t let that get us down because God loves us anyway. Easter Sunday is a reminder of that. God so loved the world than He let his only Son be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Leftists have a hard time going without wifi, let alone giving up their lives to save people they don’t like. And make no mistake, Leftists do not like Christians.

Fine by me. I’ll pray for you all the same. That serves a couple of purposes. First, God teaches us to pray for our enemies we would ourselves. Second, it really pisses them off, so you can get some enjoyment there, too. It’s a win-win!



Although I did predict that Jorge Bergoglio, the Arch Bishop of Buenos Aires would become the next Bishop of Rome and Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. I did not knew he was a secret Marxist and Heretic.

During his first visit to the United States as Pope Francis he praises two American Catholics who were know to be Liberal Marxists. This Pope supports the false doctrine of climate change and attacks capitalism at every opportunity.

And in many of his homilies he expresses heretical ideas that go against Biblical Christian teachings and known facts.

Pope Francis has stated that Jesus had to beg forgiveness from his parents after they found him in the Temple in Jerusalem. There is no Biblical accounting or rational for this statement. The Son of Man committed no sin or transgression that would require forgiveness to be given to Him.

To believe and state otherwise removes Christ Jesus from being One with the Father and disqualifies Him from being able to forgive our sins. Negating the actions at the cross and putting all of mankind back under the Law without a Savior.

His other heresies include stating that “another Mary and Joseph” may exist in the Syrian refugee crisis. This line of thought reduces Jesus to being just another prophet. Very much the way Islam views the Son of God. Just as a man and nothing more. This too is a dangerous teaching. Not that there cannot be any more prophets, which is debatable. But there will never be another Mary and Joseph. The Messiah and Savior of all mankind has already come and paid the price for all our sins over 2000 years ago.

And while I’m on that subject of false teachings. Our Lord Jesus Christ was never an immigrant, a migrant, or homeless. He was not a refugee in Bethlehem at his birth. These are false notions also expressed by this current Bishop of Rome and those pushing political agendas on believers.

As a Christian these false teachings are terrible sins. And I pray that those who hear them are granted the wisdom not to be fooled by them. I also pray that those who teach them will have their eyes and hearts opened to the Truth. So they may change from such sins and heresy and come back to God’s Word.



I originally wrote this back in 2009 on a Facebook message. I thought I would re-post it here so everyone can see it.

Today is Christmas. That is the Mass of Christ or Christ’s Mass. Christians all over the world celebrate the message of hope, love and grace through our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.
God came to earth as man. Born of humble origins to save us from eternal damnation, which is the separation from God’s love due to our sins against Him. But He loves us so much He came to be one of us. To take on the sins of the world. He received the punishment into Himself so we don’t have too, the greatest of all pardons.
If you don’t know His love. I pray that you find out about it while you still hold the breath of life in your lungs. And trust in Him as your personal Lord and Savior.
Happy Christmas All and God Bless.


And It Begins

It’s already happening. I knew the moment that the Evangelical-Trump meeting was announced, that the #neverTrump fanatics would attack any Christian that sided with Donald Trump. And after yesterday’s meeting when Mr. Trump announced his Evangelical Advisory Board. It’s member were immediately called heretics, conspiracy kooks, and traitors.

This is just the beginning. If any of the Evangelical leaders endorse Donald Trump after this, they too will be attacked by those fanatics. And one of them, Iowa’s own Steve Deace, has called the Evangelical leaders 99% irrelevant to “moving numbers.” That is having the power to influence voters to support Donald Trump in the general election come November.

There is just no winning over the #neverTrump fanatics. They have already made up their mind and it’s not changing. Their cult-like behavior, thier aggressive and verbal abuse against any and all supporters of Mr. Trump knows no bounds.

And they say that they are the ones with conservative values. That they are the ones who represent Christ. No wonder why us Christians are seen in such a bad light from non-believers. The #neverTrump fanatics are no better and no more Christian than the Westboro Baptist Church. Another like-minded cult.


A Private Conversation with Donald Trump

Today Christian leaders from around the country will be meeting with the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Many of these leaders have doubts about Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. However, most of them are not part of the fanatical #neverTrump movement.

The goals of this meeting are to see where Donald Trump stands on conservative issues such as criteria for Supreme Court nominees, who he intends to surround himself with, and his convictions on life, marriage, and religious liberties.

Don’t expect any endorsements coming out right after this meeting. It will take some time before that happens. But there will be some, but not all.

Although I suspect some are trolls from the fanatical #neverTrump movement are at this private meeting. And after any endorsements will be a backlash at those who do endorse Donald Trump. Just as they called other long-time conservative leaders traitors who have endorsed Mr. Trump.

In the end however Mr. Trump will be the Republican nominee. And he will be the next President of the United States.


Bible Reading

On April 26th the Iowa Governor Terry Branstad issued a proclamation. This in itself is not unusual. Anyone can request the Governor to issue a proclamation on anything impacting the entire state. There is even an online web form for this submission.

But this particular proclamation has received a lot of hostile press and feedback. Why you might ask? Because this proclamation calls for reading the Holy Bible.

The proclamation gives a history of how the Holy Bible shaped our nations foundation. And how past Presidents felt and spoke about God’s Word to mankind.

The proclamation gives the testimony of who reading the Holy Bible helps solve the problems we face today as a nation and as individuals.

It also calls for anyone who wishes to participate in reading the Holy Bible with others on the steps of all 99 county court houses from June 30th to July 3rd. And the proclamation encourages all Iowans to read the Holy Bible daily until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Three anti-Christian groups are considering litigation and have condemned the proclamation. These are the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers.

These groups are siting the so-called belief in the “separation of church and state” as the basis for their litigation and complaints. This is a false belief for various reasons.

The “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution or in any statute or law of the land. It’s always called up by anti-Christian groups as part of their hate speech against Christianity.

What the Constitution does say in the 1st Amendment about religion is this:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

This means Congress, the legislative body of the United States, cannot create a law establishing a national church. Like the Tudor Kings did in England with the Church of England. The Queen is still the head of that church. Nor can Congress write a law preventing anyone from worshiping as they choose to do so.

This is the sole basis from those anti-Christian groups against the Governor’s proclamation. And it just doesn’t hold up.

The proclamation is not an act of Congress. It does not carry the weight of law or any legal authority. It is not a law. It is completely voluntary without any obligation being required.

For those who do not wish to be involved with a religion or those that do not believe in the divine. They don’t have to read the Holy Bible at home or anywhere else.

They don’t have to join those who are reading the Holy Bible on the court house steps at the end of June. They can just walk on by and ignore them.

But their goal is to destroy the Christian faith and persecute all who practice it. So these anti-Christian groups will continue their assault anyway.

In issuing this proclamation the Governor hasn’t violated any law or principle of our government. He has merely exorcised his office in conjunction with his faith.


Donald Trump in Prophecy

I had written another post but that one will be published in the next couple of days rest assured. This one is far more important to bring out to the world.

I received this video from a conservative Christian friend who, like me, is very active in politics. It takes a good hour to hear the whole recording. But it is worth every minute of it. The audio portion of the video is where the meat is on this one. So you can even listen to it in your car on your smartphone or other mobile device.

This recording comes from a Christian Ministry called TruNews (you can check them out at It is a prophecy concerning Donald Trump written 5 years ago in 2011. This show was broadcast and recorded on 26 April 2016.

I was blown away listening to it the other day. In it I heard some things that I’ve said about Donald Trump and our country over the past 8 years.



Political Christians

There is always some discussion among various Christian sects about participating in politics and elections. Some groups forbid it, some encourage it, and others still don’t seem to have an opinion on the subject.

As a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ a Christian needs to be involved in politics.

One of the great mysteries of the Gospel is that our work is in this world, but not of this world. You cannot follow Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to all the world if you stay out of the trenches.

Additionally Scripture tells us throughout the New Testament that the Believers are to be Kings and Priests. Kings rule the earthly matters and Priests rule the spiritual ones. And Christ is our High-Priest.

C.S. Lewis wrote about this very issue. Saying that Hope is one of the Theological virtues. It means you continually look forward to Heaven but keeping your feet on the ground.

The Christians who did the most in the present world were those that thought most of the next. Starting with the Apostles themselves, who took the first steps to evangelize the Roman Empire. The great men who built the middle ages. The abolitionists who brought about the end of the slave trade. All of these left their mark on the world, because their minds were occupied with Heaven.

Aim at Heaven and you get the earth as well. Aim at earth alone and you get nothing.

So as a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ it is important to be involved in the political workings of the world. To shine the Light where it seldom reaches.


Is it Christian?

In the Book of Romans chapter 12 verses 9 through 21, gives us the guidelines we need to be a True Christian. These are all visible signs that someone is a follower of Jesus Christ.

Yet time again and again why do I see so many individuals and organizations who call themselves Christians or Christ-centered not follow these simple Biblical rules.

Evangelical leaders, Christian schools, Christian political organizations, and even churches. They all fail at the very basics of what it means to be Christian in the first place. And it is so wide spread it pushes people away from the Gospel instead of pulling people to the Light of Christ.

It is truly sad to see in this day and age more Christ-like behavior from the secular world instead of from the body of believers as they claim.

Don’t misunderstand my point here. We are all still human. We all still sin and make mistakes from time to time. That is understandable and forgivable. Help your fellow believer back up and encourage them forward in their Faith.

I am talking about the blatant and continued un-Christian like behavior from those who claim to follow the Gospel.

They are like the scribes and Pharisees of old. Two-faced hypocrites that say one thing yet do another. And they are even worse since they say the follow Christ but show no fruits of the spirit.

They can quote chapter and verse of God’s Word. But it is only knowledge. There is no wisdom to apply it. And if they did. They fear the persecution and loss (of power) it would truly bring.

Do not be fooled by these people and organizations. Do not get caught up in their frenzy. Examine what they do and say. Just as you would for your own words and actions. Ask yourself does this Glorify God or does it glorify man? Then you will know.