Bail Out or Handout?

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This meme is going around social media. I had started to just write a reply on one of those social media sites about it and then it grew to the following blog post.

Giving billions to bail out farmers is a handout unless it’s due to some natural disaster. Hurricane, Torando, Wild Fires, Earthquake, Flooding, ect.

Giving billions to bail out banks is a handout, no industry or company is too big to fail. Let them fail if they do stupid things. Many industries and companies have failed over the last 200 years. No one is an exception to this in a free market.

Giving trillions to billionaires would be a handout as well. But cutting taxes isn’t a handout, that does stimulate the economy as is evident with 4% GDP growth.

Giving billions to Iran in the dead of night is not only a handout but it was also blood money.

Veterans should be given the assistance that is needed once they come back to civilian life. Some have difficult times adjusting. And they earned it.

Homeless people is a problem in this country. It is a documented fact that there are people out on the streets of America who panhandle as homeless but really aren’t homeless at all. I don’t believe that it is the role of government to do something about the homeless. The less things government is involved in the better off they are. This should be taken care of by the local community and the outreach of the Church.

Insurance for the sick … insurance is for the event of something happening to you, not for you are already impacted by something. That is why insurance does not and should not cover preexisting conditions. Try to get homeowners insurance AFTER or WHILE your house is burning down. It’s not possible. It must be whole to get insurance. Same goes for the body. Insurance should be affordable. Medical expenses should be affordable. I have written a number of blog posts on this issue in the past and will probably do so again in the future. Again, however this is not the role of the government for the same reasons posted above. Government badly mismanages everything it touches. However Congress can do things about reducing the cost of insurance. Eliminate the state boundaries. Have insurance available and able to cross state lines without any issues. This increases the pool of the insured and automatically lowers the cost. As for as medical expenses go, why is medicine the only service industry that doesn’t post their rates prior to you getting the service? Every hospital, clinic, doctor should have all rates clearly available and visible. This is just a starter on this process. The other issue is due to the high malpractice law suites against those in the medical profession that keeps costs high. There should be something available for those who are suffering from some preexisting condition. But it’s not insurance. That’s like calling your car a truck, a dog a duck. It’s not the same thing. It never will be the same thing.

Food for children, so many evil things exist due to taxation. And at the same time taxation can assist in things as well. But raising taxes is never the answer to solve problems that exist in a country. No one in American should be without food. We have plenty of it and feed the entire world. The root cause must be found and eliminated. It is a government handout if the issue is not resolved by applying the funds towards it. Does that eliminate the problem or does it just push it down the road? This issue cannot be summed up as easily as the others, there are too many reasons why this happens. Government involvement would be necessary to a degree but it would be passing various reforming legislation and not being an ATM creating endless debit.

Social Security for the Elderly, for those that have put into this socialist program, they need to get out what they put in. That would be my generation, some millennials and everyone before that. And this program needs to have a sunset placed on it. The government should not provide for the population’s retirement. This too requires a complex fix. One that is too lengthy to get into here. It would involve new and sweeping legislation to resolve just as “Food for the children” would require.

For some of these issues, and I am going to say all but the “Vets” is a handout by the way it is designed. It doesn’t resolve an issue by the expenditure of funds it only kicks the problem down the road again. The “Vets” earned theirs for their service. Thank you.

The rest will need legislation to resolve issues. Some of it pretty sweeping. Some of it takes control out of the hands of the States which sometimes isn’t a good thing but there are times when that is necessary for society to function properly. Taxation is a big part of the problem in many of these items. We need sweeping reforms in our nations tax laws. Including getting rid of the Income Tax, the 16th Amendment, abolishing the IRS, and going to a FairTax system. Which puts more money in the hands of the people where it belongs.

Of course to do this we need Statesmen, not career politicians.

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