Another Nonsense Leftist Meme

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It’s time once again to tear apart a Leftist meme and show it the light of reality. So we have this gem I pulled off of FascistBook.

Let’s dive in and look at each point. One by one.

Medicare for All – This doesn’t even sound good. Medicare doesn’t work very well for the people that it is currently supporting. Many doctors don’t accept Medicare since it doesn’t pay the bills. And the Left wants this forced on everyone. But I doubt @AOC will be using it for her private medical care.

A Living Wage – This is a nonsense Leftist buzzword. It means nothing. Look at what has already happened in cities that have forced the $15 per hour wage on all businesses. Some smaller business have closed down because they can’t afford to pay the wage and insurance for its employees. Unskilled workers have found they make too much money and don’t qualify for other government assistance programs. So those employees cut their own hours. Larger corporations simply cut hours and hire more workers as its cheaper to pay a lot a little than a little a lot. Or they replace workers with self-checkouts and automated kiosks.

The answer to this one is simple. If you want to make more money, and who doesn’t. Learn a valuable skill. Even Bernie Sanders isn’t paying his campaign staffers this wage.

Labor Rights – What do you mean by this term? I live in a Right to Work state. That means I’m not forced to join a union in order to be employed. That means I can terminate my employment at any time for any reason with my employer. And right now it’s an employee’s market thanks to the Trump Administration. Those are great Labor Rights in my book.

K-16 schooling, aka Public Colleges – I’m going to assume here that @AOC and her Leftist radicals mean free, no cost education. We don’t need more government involvement in education, we need less. We also need to get rid of the notion that a college education is mandatory for everyone. It’s not. My mom always used to say that the education system was terrible when she was in school and it was only getting worse with each generation that followed.

As a side note many of these points of “free” things like Medicare for All, Education, and a host of other radical ideas from the Left all require money. They aren’t free. In the education system alone it takes money to have the land, build and maintain a school building, buy all of the materials that teachers and other staff members need to do their jobs, pay all the staff from janitorial, cooks, teachers, coaches, secretaries, and administration staff. And if @AOC did it, they would all be getting at least $15/hour. That’s a lot of money.

It just goes to show that the Leftist followers aren’t thinking. Money has to be made in order to spend it on these programs. And the government doesn’t make anything it can sell and create money with at all. The government gets money from taxes, taking money from someone else.

100% Renewable Energy – I’m going to assume here again that this means all “green” energy like solar and wind energy. But not coal, oil, gas, kerosene, and other related energy sources. And probably not nuclear either as the Left likes to think that Three mile island, Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters will happen to all nuclear plants one day. I have yet to see any of these “green” energy fanatics adopt pure “green” energy for themselves. Not even the poster child Al Gore. The Leftist elite will still use oil but the common people will not under the new green deal.

And of course there is the myth that oil is not a renewable energy source. This has been debunked by Soviet scientists decades ago. Another bit of science ignored by the Left because it doesn’t fit their ideology.

Fixing the Pipes in Flint – What? The Federal government has no business in Flint. Flint needs to fix their pipes. Or Flint should be abandoned. Many towns have been abandoned due to governmental failures at the local level. Flint shouldn’t be an exception. Let it become a ghost town like Centralia PA. Nothing is too big to fail.

Not hurting Immigrants – What? This is an attempt to appeal to one’s emotions instead of thinking logically. This is a dangerous thing to do. Try it for yourself. Act only on your emotions and see where it gets you. Say what you mean or say nothing at all. Stop the ignorance.

Holding Wall Street Accountable – What? This is pulled right out of the millionaire Bernie Sander’s playbook. One of his buzz words. It like the one above is an emotional appeal. Stop being an ignorant fool and say what you mean. Articulate your thoughts. Then we can have a discussion about it.

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