Andi Kitten

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Andi Rheinherren: 22 May 2006 – 24 August 2018

My sweet 12 year old baby girl Bengal kitten Andi crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge today. She gets to rejoin with one of her litter mates
and joins the Pride of Astral cats that have long been part of my

She is survived here by her sister and litter mate Kagi who will miss her
a lot in the coming weeks. The liked to pick on each other as most
siblings do. Andi’s human mommy and daddy miss her terribly along
with the rest of her human family. She will always be in our hearts.

Ands’ was a very lovable and talkative Bengal. She always had to get
in the last word in any conversation. And she would talk to you even
if you didn’t want to talk. She always had to be in every conversation.

She always loved to lounge across the back of her dad’s chair or
snuggle right up against him at night, taking up a good “cat sized”
portion of the bed. Unlike her sissy, Andi loved to have her furry
belly rubbed and would flop over just to have that done.

Andi was a brave kitten, fighting seizures the last few months of her
life. She only grumbled a couple of times about taking her medicine.

She lived her life fully. 12 years as a playful kitten. Dearly loved and
she will be dearly missed.

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