5 Types of Government

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There are only 5 types of governments across the whole of the Left-Right political spectrum. Every government falls under one of these categories. Of course some governments will use deceptive terms to make them appear to be something they are not.

In Left to Right order these government types are as follows:

Monarchy or Dictatorship
This is marked by the rule of one. One person hold all and absolute power and authority.

This kind of government is very rare. Even kings have at least a royal council of nobles that they must answer to as does the Dictator. He generally has a bureaucrats or a council of military officers or something else the keeps him in check.

This is the rule by a group. Generally an elite group has set themselves up as the ruling class. Many times they prop up one of their own as the Leader. Giving the appearance of a Monarchy or Dictatorship, but in truth the group still rules.

This form of government is the most common form of government in all of history. And it is the most common form of government today.

The ancient city-states of Greece created democracy. The rule of the people by majority.

All democracies eventually burn themselves out. Rule of the majority brings chaos, depravity, injustice, mob rule, and eventual collapse of society and order.

This happened in the Greek city-states and every other place where democracy has taken root.

A Republic is founded upon the rule of law. Law restricts the power and authority of government. It provides justice that is not subject to majority whim as found in a Democracy.

Republics are often mistakenly called Democracies. And some Democracies may call themselves a Republic. It is always best to see the operation of government to determine if it truly is a Republic or not.

Ancient Rome gave the world it’s first Republic. And during that era Rome flourished, grew wealthy, and was the envy of the world. But Rome forgot about the rule of law. They forgot that the essence of freedom was the proper limitation of government.

When government’s power grows the people’s freedom recedes. Power seeking politicians increased their power beyond what was granted in the Roman constitution. With it wealth and property was redistributed, subsidies for food, housing, and agriculture were enacted. And taxes increased to pay dues. Production and freedom fell and so did the Roman Republic. Replaced by mob rule and Democracy at first and finally with an Oligarchy of under the Caesars.

This is the far Right of the political spectrum and the last of the 5 types of government. It is the rule of no government. Everyone is on their own.

Anarchy arises because some think that no government might better. After all the worst crimes in history have been committed by governments. But this belief is a mistake because even the Greeks knew that without law there is no freedom.

Other times Anarchy starts because there are those who wish to fundamentally change the current government. This is what happened with the Communist Revolutions in Russia and Cuba. And it also happened with the rise of Nazism in Germany. And is happening now in other parts of the world.

Anarchists are using rioting, looting, killing, and terrorism to bring down the current government. Only to replace it with an Oligarchy where they have total power.


The United State of America is a true and free Republic. But there are elements within and outside that seek to destroy this shining city on the hill. We must not let it fall under our watch.

There is a well known quote that comes from the founding of the American Republic.

When Ben Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention he was approached by a woman who asked
     “Sir, what have you given us?”

Mr. Franklin promptly answered her with
     “A Republic, Ma’am, if you can keep it.”

Ben Franklin and the other Founding Fathers knew that it would take effort, vigilance, and determination to preserve the American Republic. And that greedy men would come along and destroy it if they could. I plan on doing my part to keep it for myself and future generations.

Author: bynw

Chris aka "bynw" is the site owner and primary post author. A life-long conservative Constitutionalist when it comes to politics. A believer and follower of Jesus Christ. A Linux enthusiast. And a gamer.