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It’s Hollywood’s favorite season of the year: award season. During this time of year, stars get dressed up in the hopes of picking up awards for the previous year’s efforts and getting a platform to speak their minds on topics unrelated to their work. And this year’s Oscars will be no different.

What was once a somewhat enjoyable waste of a couple of hours has become a painful several hours where people who pretend to be other people for millions of dollars get to tell people what and how to think. Like college, but without beer.

Let’s take a look at the Oscars, shall we?

The Academy Awards/Oscars

What the Left believes it means – an awards show where actors are rewarded for their efforts and show how much they care about different issues

What it really means – a waste of several hours that could be done in a few minutes

Really, folks. Do we need several hours of famous people wearing expensive clothes talking about subjects they don’t know a fig about but care deeply about all the same? Let’s remember the bulk of these people said a corrupt Hillary Clinton or an old Bernie Sanders were viable alternatives to Donald Trump. And we’re going to take their advice on how to battle global climate change, income inequality, and Donald Trump? I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the benefits of breathing let alone how to feel about any issue.

And really, the movies being honored are secondary to the pageantry on display. And by pageantry, I mean expressions of sheer avarice. Even the losers take home a goodie bag worth at least as much as my house. And after the awards ceremony, there are the after-parties where wealth, celebrity, and alcohol flow more freely than they did at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. And that’s just Hillary.

I am a film buff, so I appreciate good storytelling, photography, and acting. And I know there are some very talented actors plying their trades on films that deserve recognition. What I’m saying is we could show appreciation and save time and money in the process. I’m a solutions-oriented guy, and here’s a little something I came up with to make the Oscars more enjoyable.

1) Make the Oscars, coverage and all, two hours long, tops. With all of the production numbers, speeches, and such, the show is longer than a Ken Burns documentary, only less boring. I can do the same ceremony in less time than it takes to watch most movies being nominated, and it starts with better time management. Give the Oscars two hours, and call it a night.

2) No politics, ever. Let’s face it. Actors know as much about the world as their publicists let them know. Having them lecture me about politics instead of thanking people who helped them along the way tells me two things. One, they’re not worthy of listening to because they’re usually uninformed. Two, they’re thankless bastards, and who wants to listen to people like that? Cut out the politics, and just say thank you.

3) Limit the speeches and introductions to 2 minutes. Again, time management comes in handy. When you know you have a time limit, you learn the economy of words. Plus, it cuts down on the awkward banter between presenters introducing the next category. Seriously, are we to believe the duo of Pauly Shore and Helen Murren has anything in common aside from being carbon based lifeforms? Of course, the question of how this would be enforced is brought up. Easy. Shock collars.

4) Move the location of the Oscars from Hollywood to the Midwest. It’s easy to have lavish parties and extravagant awards shows in Hollywood. But try having one in Middle America. Hollywood stars typically don’t even know places like Duluth, MN, Des Moines, IA, or Branson, MO, exist, but why not give them a chance to experience it firsthand? And considering these places are far away from where celebrities are treated like gods, the stars would either not bother showing up or spending as little time in town as possible. In other words, it’s a win-win.

5) Give awards to movies people have actually seen. I can count on one hand the number of Best Picture nominated movies I’ve seen in the theater. Why? Because the movies that typically get nominated don’t interest me usually. To some, this would make me a philistine or an uncouth barbarian. To me, it makes me a bit more discerning in my movie choices. If you make a movie about man’s inhumanity to man against the backdrop of a Kansas town dealing with transgender issues and a love triangle with a British man, a Southern girl, and a transgendered teacher who is dying of cancer, and you can make it interesting to me, I’ll go. If you expect me to go to said movie just because of the subject matter, I’ll pass and watch something more my speed. That’s the reason the new “Ghostbusters” movie sucked. Instead of giving the audience an interesting story, the movie gave us “because they’re all girls now” as a reason to watch it. Make the nominated movies interesting or better known, and we might be willing to watch the Oscars more regularly.

6) More cage fighting.

Well, looks like I’ll be avoiding the Oscars again this year. Hollywood, you know my number. Have your people call my people and we can do lunch.

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Bathroom Mania 2


President Trump has reversed the transgender bathroom order imposed by President Obama. This has caused hysteria on the Left and more crying about non-existent rights. And using really bad comparisons in an attempt to justify their agenda.

You don’t have the right to use whatever restroom/bathroom you feel like using at the time you need to go. That isn’t a right. Society has rules in place to protect others privacy. Your rights end when they come into conflict with others.

Public restrooms are one of four types, depending on the space available to the facility that built them:

Men – these restrooms are for Males.
Women – these restrooms are for Females.
Unisex – these restrooms are for anyone, one at a time.
Family – these restrooms are for family use, usually a parent with                              young children in tow.

Biologically speaking there are only two genders for the human species. Male, which is identified by having an XY chromosome pair. And Female, which is identified by having an XX chromosome pair. Any other combination is a genetic anomaly and mutation. Science agrees with Nature and Nature’s God. Gender is binary, there are only two sexes and there is no escaping it.

No matter what clothes one wears. No matter how much makeup one uses or doesn’t use. No matter what kinds of drugs and hormones one takes. No matter how many mutilation surgeries one undergoes. You cannot change nature. Male will still be identified as XY and female will be identified as XX in a simple blood testing. Something that has been done during the Olympic games to prove gender and test for steroid use.

Most places that offer public restrooms will only have the two basic types available. One for each gender. Use one of them and don’t make a mountain out of the mole hill. Just like everyone did before Obama was President.

But please don’t try to compare public restrooms to our home bathrooms. They are very different. A home bathroom is indeed a “unisex” location. But just like the public restroom variety, it has a locked door and only one person is using it at a time. You wouldn’t let your daughter or wife use the bathroom with another male in the household, let alone someone who isn’t part of the family. That doesn’t happen. No parent or spouse says that is OK.

The same thing applies to outdoor port-a-johns. These are everywhere at outdoor events that need additional restroom facilities due to large crowds. Only one person is in these little plastic restrooms at a time. There would be all kinds of questions raised if two people entered one.

But with most public restrooms, there are groups of people in them at any given time. Only a small thin stall door separates you from the crowd. This is why there is strong opposition to allowing anyone to use any restroom on demand.

There are predators who have taken advantage of the Obama order that has been rescinded. This isn’t to punish anyone, but to protect the majority.

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Town Hall Meetings


While Congress has been in recess this past week Senators and Congressmen alike have returned to their home states to speak with the people. We don’t hear about any town hall events held by the Democratic members of Congress, but the Republican members are making headlines across the country.

At every single Republican town hall meeting this week there have been Leftist agitators shouting down other attendees and the Representative. Demanding answers on the whole Leftist agenda questions.

Many of these agitators are not even from the state or district of the Representative. They are disrespectful towards the other attendees, the Representative and any pre-established theme of the town hall or round table.

The continued spoiled child-like behavior of the Left is appalling. They believed their own lies about the November 2016 elections that Hillary would be elected President and that the American people would vote Democrat to continue the Leftist agenda.

However the American people spoke differently last November and the Republican’s swept the elections. These agitators do not truly represent the people and their views. The Republicans in Congress know and are doing their job of Making America Great Again.

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Farcing My Hand


Leftists, we need to have a talk. And by talk, I mean you’re going to shut your pieholes and listen for a bit. I know it’s a bit of a change for you, but I have something you need to hear.

I was not a Donald Trump supporter, but you are driving me to become one because you’re being dumbasses. For the better part of 2016, you have treated people who didn’t support your candidate/ideology as subhuman cretins incapable of higher brain functions. Yeah, and you wonder why you lost.

Instead of learning from your mistakes, you have been doubling down more than a blackjack player who keeps getting dealt 11s. Now, you have hatched all sorts of conspiracy theories based on little more than feelings.

Take the Russian “election hacking” for example. You guys have been trying to impeach Trump for this, even before he took the Oath of Office. Now, in spite of the fact there is literally zero evidence Russia did anything to affect the outcome of 2016 election, you guys are still throwing out the allegation as though it were gospel. As much as you want to believe Boris and Natasha were sneaking into ballot boxes and changing votes, that isn’t enough.

Let me make something crystal clear.

This. Isn’t. A. Thing. It. Was. Never. A. Thing. It. Will. Never. Be. A. Thing.

Got it? Good.

As the weeks since Election Day have come and gone, you Leftists have gotten more and more unhinged. In fact, the person in the video wailing at Trump being announced as President of the United States is now positively stoic compared to the way you folks are acting right now. Seriously, you’re elevating Maxine Waters, a Democrat not exactly known for her intellect, to be the spokesperson for the impeachment efforts against Trump? You might as well get Bozo the Clown to be lead counsel, provided he doesn’t want to be associated with actual clowns.

Then, there are the Senate Democrats doing everything they can to malign and try to obstruct Trump’s Cabinet picks whenever and wherever they can. So far, their obstruction has resulted in a grand total of…zero picks getting rejected.

When you pull stunts like these, you force people like me to defend Donald Trump. And the more crap you throw at the wall in the hopes something sticks, the less seriously I take you. And the less seriously I take you, the more I will mock you. Not that I mind the target-rich environment, mind you…

The point I’m trying to make is you’re hurting yourselves in the long run by being the immature little brats you’ve been since, oh, ever. If you want to beat Donald Trump and the Republicans, you have to present a legitimate alternative to the vision they’re presenting. And when your alternative is the intellectual equivalent of a dumpster fire, Trump and the GOP win by default.

So, let me put it this way. Start bringing your A game or get used to people like me dismissing you out of hand. And if you think I’m alone in this, think again. Grow up, or learn to love the taste failure. The choice is yours.

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The Death of Journalism


There has been a lot of talk in media circles lately about President Donald Trump’s comments about the mainstream media. To put it mildly, he ripped them a new asshole. As a result, the media have responded by saying journalism is being threatened.

Yeah. As someone who has studied journalism for decades, I call bullshit. Donald Trump isn’t a threat to journalism; so-called journalists have been.

At one time, journalists could be counted on to report the facts without personal biases. Now, the journalism profession is filled with political hacks advocating for a cause or an ideology with little regard for facts. They may not know or want to admit it, but there is a reason Trump called out “fake news” so many times during the campaign. And I’ll give you media types a hint.

It’s because you’ve engaged in pushing false narratives, knowingly or unknowingly.

For the past 8 years, you were more concerned about kissing up to Barack Obama than you were pursuing a litany of stories that could have and should have been reported. And I’m not just talking about high profile ones like Benghazi or Fast and Furious, either. I’m talking about the little deeds that deserved attention, like the illegal firing of an Inspector General without Congressional consultation, let alone approval. Don’t remember that? Let me tell you who does: former Inspector General Gerald Walpin, the guy Obama fired.

The IRS targeting conservative groups? Another story that you guys missed and/or misreported.

The targeting of James Rosen and Sharyl Attiksson, two people in your profession? Ignored.

The sexual assault of Lara Logan, another colleague of yours, by radical Muslim males? Little to no reporting done.

But you’ll devote column inches and airtime to investigating Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ex-fiance’s cousin’s uncle’s college roommate’s pet groomer’s neighbor’s lawn care guy just to dig up a little dirt?

With journalistic standards based solely on ideological grounds, the heart and soul of the profession have been ripped out, stomped on, pissed on, burnt, pissed on again, and used for compost. And that’s if the profession is into organic farming.

Journalists have the power to shape opinion with how stories are presented. A turn of a phrase, the use of a particular descriptor, how people are presented, all of these and other tricks of the trade can turn a renowned professor of history into a woman-hating monster who would rape a woman at the drop of a hat. And believe me, it’s happened.

But to blame Donald Trump for the well-deserved assault on journalists is disingenuous at best, delusional at worst. The journalism profession is dying the death of a thousand paper cuts, and the journalists worrying about the way Trump is treating them still aren’t getting how they are responsible. Trump may be an easy target for their ire, but a little self-reflection is long overdue for them to see why they’re less trusted than a used car salesman working straight commission.

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Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


In case you missed it, this past Friday was the annual Day Without Immigrants. To supporters of all kinds of immigration, legal or otherwise, it’s a day to remind us how much of the work done everyday is done by immigrants. To the rest of us, it’s usually just another day where little to nothing is different.

Well, this year was different. After some of the people who participated in the Day Without Immigrants failed to show up for work after being warned to be at work, these people found themselves in possession of a fresh new pink slip (and I’m not talking about one from Victoria’s Secret, either). At least they’ll have time to participate in the Days Without a Job marches.

As you might expect, the Left has a vastly different viewpoint on immigration than you or me. Let’s just say that’s not without ideological foundation.


What the Left believes it means – allowing people from other countries to enter the United States regardless of the way they get here

What it really means – allowing people from other countries to enter the United States as long as it’s done legally

There is a vast difference between the two definitions, and it revolved around legality. Believe it or not, we do have laws concerning immigration into our country. The problem is these laws aren’t enforced as strictly as they could be, mainly due to pressure from the Left. To them, there are no such things as illegal immigrants, just immigrants who come to this country yearning to be free.

Or, in some cases, yearning to live pretty much for free off the largesse of the taxpayers.

That’s where the Left and the rest of us part company. We want anyone who comes into the country to be committed to following the laws on the books. The Left wants anyone who comes into the country to be able to flaunt the law when it suits them and to use the law (and our sympathy) when it suits them.

Take public schools, for example. Illegal immigrants can send their children to school in America to get an education. On the surface, it’s not that big of a deal. When you consider this is being done at the expense of taxpayers, some of whom may have their own children going to those same schools that they would rather have money spent on, the deal becomes a little bigger. And here’s the kicker. These illegal immigrant children are often incapable of speaking English when they enter school. What do the schools do? They hire Spanish-speaking teachers to accommodate the illegal immigrants’ children so they can keep up with their classmates. And guess who gets to pay for that additional manpower.

Spoiler alert: it’s the taxpayers.

It’s not just the public school system where illegal immigrants can get a leg up on the taxpayers. Welfare, federal and state income taxes, and voting are just three areas that come to mind. But the last one, voting, is particularly troublesome except to the Left because they have it all planned out. Say you’re an illegal immigrant trying to stay in the shadows while keeping the benefits the government gives you. When you consider Republicans have no interest letting you flaunt the law, that leaves you with the Democrats, who will not only protect your government goodies, but will let you continue to break the law. All you have to do is vote Democrat.

And people wonder how Nancy Pelosi keeps getting elected.

It’s a persuasive argument combining selfishness, fear, and just a little dishonesty. But it ignores a pretty large contingent of the American population: legal immigrants. You know, the people who want to come here and follow the rules as written? Yeah, they’re not too keen on letting people jump the line in front of them, especially when you consider the hoops legal immigrants have to jump through to get here. The Left doesn’t seem to care too much about these folks, nor what talents they bring to the table. Believe it or not, there are immigration laws on the books that make it more difficult for some people, namely from European countries, to come here. Even if they do manage to win the immigration lottery, these folks have to take tests, swear loyalty to the United States, and go to classes to learn our history and system of laws so they can be productive Americans.

Gee, I wonder why legal immigrants might have a problem with illegal immigrants…

When confronted with their position on illegal immigration, the Left falls back on the notion diversity makes our country stronger. (Except if that diversity doesn’t coincide with their ideology, of course.) To be fair, they have a valid point. Diversity does make our country stronger, but there still needs to be a common thread. Whether you come from Pakistan, Poland, or Puerto Vallarta, you should be free to come to America to experience the freedoms we offer. We welcome your contributions to our melting pot. The only thing we ask is that you follow the rules.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you have a nice house and you’re renting a room. One person goes about the process the right way and fills out an application and submits to a background check. Another person walks in, plops his or her stuff down, and starts eating all your pimento loaf. Granted, you may not like pimento loaf and may be fine with the stranger barging in, but if he or she doesn’t contribute anything to the household income (like, say, rent), you’re going to want that person gone as soon as possible.

Right now, America has a room to rent, and we just want to know who is moving in so we can set the right expectations. Even if we hate pimento loaf, is that too much to ask?

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Day of Illegals


Yesterday was the Day Without illegal Immigrants. It would have passed relatively unnoticed in my home town save for one major event. The blocking of traffic on a major road through town just north of downtown.

I remember that there was a similar protest back when President George W. Bush was in office. To protest against immigration reform being purposed then as it is now. It too went by without really being noticed.

But yesterday struck me a bit. It would have been a great day for ICE to make arrests and determine who was blocking the traffic. Not only is that stupid, but it should be criminal if it isn’t already. But with all the illegal aliens skipping work, school, and shopping. Which wasn’t noticed and I work retail in the evening. ICE could have deported a large lot of them.

Also with this year’s event. They were chanting they were the future of America while waving the Mexican flag. Sounds like an invasion to me. If you want to gain support for your cause and be the future of America. Wave the American flag, not the flag of any other country.

Signs and banners were at this rally too, declaring that “no human being is illegal”. Well I would agree, no person is illegal. Only their actions which have consequences. Coming to a country by sneaking into it is a crime and the punishment is deportation.

Another banner proclaimed that they paid taxes and have rights. Well no you don’t. The Rights guaranteed in the US Constitution are for US Citizens. Not foreign nationals, not illegal immigrants, refugees, or even legal immigrants. If you have a permanent resident visa then yes you pay taxes, but that doesn’t grant you any rights as a citizen. Your status can be revoked at any time.

If you want to immigrate to the United States, do it lawfully, like members of my family did when they first came to this country. Become an American. Speak English, at least in public. Adopt American customs and values. Don’t send all your money back to the mother country. That doesn’t help the American economy. And if you want to be here, be here to support America and American interests. Otherwise just be a tourist and stay a short time for your visit and return to your own country.

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Voter ID


It’s funny how the Left thinks that Voter ID laws are unconstitutional. They falsely claim it is a poll tax but it is clearly not one at all.

Voter ID laws are to cut down on voter fraud. And as we have been shown recently, thanks to several undercover investigations, voter fraud is very real. People are bused in from out of State to vote. Dead people vote. Non-citizens vote. People vote more than once. And the list goes on.

Proving one’s identity is a part of every day life. You must have a valid ID to open a bank account, to board a plane, to get a loan, or to cash a check. You need that valid ID to rent property, to get a job, to drive a vehicle, and to obtain insurance. These are just some of things that an ID is required to prove one’s identity. It is required to purchase tobacco and alcohol as well.

To claim it is unfair to require an ID to vote is absurd. Everyone has an ID. Even illegal aliens generally have a drivers license. And if for some twist of fate you do not have an ID. Then the Voter ID laws take that into account and have the Secretary of State’s office issue one to you without cost when you register to vote.

There are additional reforms needed to cut down voter fraud as well but these are subjects for another and much larger post. But Voter ID should be supported by everyone who believes in our Republic and wants to keep it free.

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Impeachment of the President


This meme is now floating around Social Media so it should be debunked for the nonsense and misinformation that it contains.

There were 4 charges against President Clinton when the US House started impeachment proceedings against him. 2 counts of perjury, that is lying to a grand jury while under oath. 1 count of obstruction of justice and 1 count of abuse of power.

The US House succeeded in impeaching President Clinton on 2 of the 4 charges. 1 charge of perjury and 1 charge of obstruction of justice. The impeachment trial was handed to the US Senate which ended in an acquittal.

Per Article 2, Section 4 of the US Constitution. The President and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Not the speculation of, hearsay of, rumors of, alleged crimes. Just like any Citizen, even the President is to be given a fair trial. When the President is tried for Impeachment within the US Senate, the Chief Justice presides over the trial and there must be two thirds majority to gain a conviction. And the US House determines if the President or any other civil Officer is going to be impeached.

As of yet, there is no evidence that our 45th President has committed any crime that is impeachable by the US House. Only memes, misinformation, and nonsense posted on Social Media. You cannot impeach the President for winning the election because you voted for another candidate.

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The President’s Tax Returns


The first president or presidential candidate to release tax return information was Richard Nixon, our 37th President. Every president since Nixon has released their tax returns except for Donald Trump, our 45th President. Income Tax, the basis for tax returns, came about due to the 16th Amendment to the Constitution which was ratified in 1913. So 10 Presidents before Nixon also did not release any tax information.

Releasing of tax information is not a requirement to become President. And quite frankly if President Trump hasn’t paid a dime to the Federal Government in income taxes then good for him. The income tax is one of the worst amendments to our Constitution that should be repealed and replaced with the Fair Tax.

The enforcement of paying of income taxes through the IRS is a violation of the 4th Amendment where we as citizens of the United States should be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects. It is also immoral, please pick up the book UnFair: Exposing the IRS for details on that subject.

President Trump has the right not to expose his income tax returns to the public. And we the people do not have the right to view them under any circumstances.

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