An October Surprise Party?


Ever since I was a young boy, I followed politics on one level or another. (And played the occasional game of pinball, but not as well as that deaf, dumb, and blind kid.) Every Presidential election around this time, people start looking for an eleventh hour scandal that will rock one or both of the major party candidates. This scandal has become known as the October Surprise, or as I prefer to call it, crap we were saving for just such an occasion.

Normally, I would be worried about October Surprises, but this election year just doesn’t seem to bother me as much namely because of the two major party candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Oh, I feel there may be an October Surprise or two, but I think they won’t be as effective as previous surprises have been.

Let’s start out with Republican nominee Donald Trump. Are there people out there looking for every salacious piece of dirt they can find on the man? Yep. But here’s the problem: Democrats have already said and done things to make Trump look horrible.

When you’ve already called your opponent a racist, xenophobe, liar, failed businessman, unprepared to be President, and all sorts of other nasty names, where do you go from there? Just like Bill Clinton at a porn shoot, they blew their wad early and often, leaving little ammunition for later in the campaign. Where can you go from there? Hillary’s strategists might need to start complementing Trump to try to make people dislike him.

This leaves Hillary Clinton to address. The Trump campaign hasn’t engaged in the same kind of malignant namecalling the Hillary campaign has used. But, it really hasn’t needed to because of Hillary’s long-standing scandals monopolizing her time. It has a cumulative effect of creating a wide foundation for people not to trust her.

So, how do you deliver an effective October Surprise against Hillary? If you make up something, people are going to shrug and believe you anyway. If you tell the truth, people are going to do…the same thing.

See what I mean? Finding an October Surprise on Trump or Hillary is either going to be an unprecidented scandal never before seen in political history, or it’s going to be a yawn-fest of Al Gore doing a live reading of the phone book proportions. If Trump say something horrible, it’s not like he’s going to spend time worrying about it. He seems to thrive on making peoples’ heads explode, especiallly people who don’t like him. Hillary has a similar effect, only the depths of her dishonesty take people by surprise and make some people’s heads explode.

Put simply, there’s not going to be a lot of material to work with for either Trump or Clinton’s campaigns’ October Surprise. One candidate doesn’t care and will fire back, and the other candidate does care, but not enough to stop being a corrupt politician. (I know, redundant.) Perhaps the October Surprise this year is…there isn’t one. And I, for one, would welcome it. Since the rulebook seems to have been thrown out for this year’s election, why not?

Isn’t It Ironic? Donchathink?


I was talking with a conservative friend of mine about the upcoming Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Although we both agreed the moderators would help Hillary because, let’s face it, she’s Hillary Clinton. But where we disagreed was how well Trump would do. He’s staunchly in the NeverTrump camp and believes he won’t perform well, but I didn’t count him out yet because, let’s face it, she’s Hillary Clinton.

Then, I had a thought. (First time for everything, I guess.) The more I thought about it, the more I saw the potential for the first Presidential debate as Kennedy/Nixon 2.0. For those who aren’t seeing the connection, let me help a bit.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon held a televised debate. Even though Nixon may have won on substance, he was done in by looking like crap as compared to the youthful, energetic Kennedy. Nixon would eventually bounce back, but not without trying to put his previous visual dumpster fire in the past.

Which brings us back to Hillary.

To say Mrs. Clinton has had a rough couple of weeks imagewise is to say the Titanic was a minor boating accident. Not only has she been dogged by scandal (because, well, it’s Hillary), but she’s had to battle everything from heat exhaustion (in 79 degree heat!) to pneumonia, all within a matter of hours! The millennial voters who came out in droves to vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 aren’t flocking to Hillary. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, Trump is gaining and in some polls surpassing her. Although Trump has a ways to go and a short time to get there, it’s not looking good for Hillary.

And I see the first Presidential debate being make-or-break for her. If she comes off as she has the past couple of weeks, Trump could blow bubbles out of his ass and win. If she looks more energetic than Trump, however, she could make a major statement and put the past behind her.

Now, at this point you may be wondering what the title of this blog has to do with the discussion of the debates. One of Hillary’s big moments in legal history was serving on the Watergate committee. Now, it appears the two will “meet” again in a few weeks.

Isn’t it ironic? Donchathink?

Good Men Vote


Donald Trump can be and should be the next President of the United States. There is no alternative available.

In November there is the choice of Clinton or Trump. Voting a 3rd party candidate like Johnson will only hurt Trump’s chances of winning. Not voting at all will only hurt Trump’s chances. And voting for a write-in candidate will only hurt Trump’s chances.

At no time in history has any of these options helped the opposition candidate. It will only prevent the opposition candidate from winning the election. And that means another 4 more years of liberal socialist policies being forced on America.

Please see and understand history before November if you are thinking about those options. This election is the most important election of this generation. And will have lasting consequences for ourselves, our children, and even our grandchildren.

The next President of the United States will shape public policy and the Supreme Court for decades to come. Do you really want that power to be given to Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton will continue the Socialization of America. She will appoint Barak Obama to the Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton will let thousands of non-vetted refugees from Syria into the United States and give countless illegals free citizenship.

Under Hillary Clinton racial tensions will continue to rise. Sharia law will be upheld in our Courts. And terrorism will run wild in our streets and neighborhoods.

Donald Trump. Love him or hate him. Is the only way to prevent that America from happening in this election. It is not moral to allow by action or inaction the election of Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is for a free enterprise in all sectors. He will not appoint liberal socialists to the Supreme Court. Donald Trump will not let in non-vetted refugees and will deport illegal aliens found in our borders by following our laws.

Under Donald Trump we will be a United America. Sharia law will not be our law as it violates our Constitution on every point. And terrorists will fear and never even dream of harming the United States.

It has been said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Don’t be a good man and do nothing this November. Do the right thing and cast your vote for the only candidate on the ballot that is capable of winning and preventing the socialist downfall of America. Donald Trump.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


In recent campaign commercials, Democrat candidate for President Hillary Clinton tries to convince potential voters she can work with people on both sides of the political aisle. That is, of course, if she remembers she said it…

For some reason, Americans have become enamored with the idea of bipartisanship. Polling data continues to show people are upset with the gridlock and disagreements in Congress and want Democrats and Republicans to work together. That might go as well as putting Kanye West and Taylor Swift on the same stage, but gosh darn it, people like it. Then again, people also want Michael Bay to keep making movies, so there’s that to consider.

This phenomenon deserves a spot in Internet immortality with an entry in the Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week, and I’m even going to make it even more of an occasion by including an additional definition to the entry. (I know it’s not a lot to get excited about, but hey, you’re not paying for this. Unless, of course, you want to. Just sayin’.)


What the Left thinks it means: getting Republicans to do what they want

What the Left wants us to think it means: getting Democrats and Republicans to work together for the betterment of the country

What it really means: when the two major parties find a way for them both to make money and take power

Call me a cynic, but whenever the leaders from both sides of the aisle agree something is good to do, it makes me more nervous than having my taxes done by Wesley Snipes. Maybe it’s because a) neither major party has a vested interest in making things better, b) we’re dealing with politicians here, or c) with the current environment in Washington, such a collaboration is like a legitimate Bigfoot sighting. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Janet Reno lately?

To the average American, however, having Democrats and Republicans working together doesn’t raise any red flags. This speaks volumes as to the genuine hope America still has, and it makes me proud.

It also speaks volumes as to how naive Americans have become, which makes me shake my head. Think back over the past, say, 40-50 years. You might be able to count on one hand of the world’s worst butcher the number of times a Democrat/Republican collaboration has actually benefit the country. NAFTA? Nope! The US PATRIOT Act? Please. The authorization to use force in Kosovo? Oooooh, sor-ray. Not good, although al Qaeda sure appreciated the help with their drug trade on that one.

This isn’t to say Democrats and Republicans can’t or shouldn’t work together. What I’m saying is we shouldn’t automatically assume bipartisanship is going to net a positive result. Sure, it makes it look like they’re getting along and getting stuff done, but looks aren’t everything…well, except if you’re a plastic surgeon in Hollywood.

When the Left says they want bipartisanship, they mean they want Republicans to roll over like a dog that wants its belly rubbed. And, before you can say “Sit, Ubu, sit,” there are Republicans lining up to capitulate to the Left’s every whim. This is how the TEA Party and the Donald Trump for President movement got started, kids.

But instead of being straight with us, the Left preys upon people’s belief in bipartisanship to mask their true intentions. And, yes, I understand “lying Leftists” is redundant.

So, how do we fix the public perception? That’s a little harder to do when many online movements are worldwide, but only a hashtag deep. Perhaps the best way to address the bipartisanship issue is to be honest. If the effort is truly bipartisan and actually works well for the country, we need to call it out and give it the praise and attention it deserves. If the bipartisan effort is a cold crap sandwich, call it out to give it the attention and derision is so richly deserves.

As far as whether Hillary Clinton’s attempts to look and sound bipartisan are successful, time will tell. (Or maybe it will be Newsweek.) Either way, it will be worth watching if for no other reason than to see if Hillary can get out of Westworld mode and appear to be human, or as close to human as a Clinton can get without getting brought up on charges, that is.

Two Truths


The 2 best truths stated by Donald Trump in a recent speech were:

“Hillary Clinton started the birther movement. I finished it.”

For those that have forgotten. Hillary Clinton and Obama were bitter rivals for the Democratic nomination back in the 2008 election cycle. Hillary’s campaign started the rumors that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. This was to discredit his candidacy so the Democrats would flock to her banner. It failed.

But the birther movement was picked up and carried forward by elements of the Republican party. Calling on Obama to produce his long form birth certificate. He refused to do so. Adding to the speculation that there was a Constitutional crisis. A non-Native born citizen had entered the White House.

During Obama’s first term as President things started to get worse for the American people. We became divided more and more. Taxes were going up and wages going down. Jobs were lost and more people were on welfare than ever before in our history as a nation. The Tea Party and other Liberty and Conservative based organizations with voices began to rise.

Several of these voices talked about a possible presidential run to challenge Obama in the 2012 election cycle. One of these voices was Donald Trump. He too had been caught up in the birther movement. And Obama had yet to provide any proof that he was a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. But as Mr Trump began exploring a presidential bid for himself. I think the very thought of a billionaire who could easily pay for his own primary campaign was worrisome to Obama.

So Obama, in an attempt to ease the minds of those already supporting Donald Trump and his potential campaign, released the long awaited long-form birth certificate. Showing that Obama was born in Hawaii as claimed and not born in Kenya. So Mr Trump didn’t challenge Obama in 2012 but he ended the birther question once and for all.

I have a previous post where I discuss the question of Obama’s birth. But it has nothing to do with where he was born. He is a natural born US Citizen unfortunately. And many where duped by his false promises. You can read my previous post here:

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


Remember Hillary Clinton and the “vast right wing conspiracy”? She might not due to her recent health issues, but I do. Well, it’s back in a new form for the 21st Century.

It’s called the alt-right, and depending on who you ask, it’s either innocent or the worst people in the universe not named Kardashian. I’ll let you guess where Hillary comes down on the alt-right. Considering she gave a speech recently where she ripped into them like I rip into a bag of pretzels during Oktoberfest, I’m going to say she’s not a fan.

As a member of the alt-right, I figured I’d try to help Hillary because, dammit, I care. (Well, that, and the fact I have a weekly blog post to write.)


What the Left believes it means: a group of white supremacist misogynist hatemongers terrorizing cyberspace and the world

What it really means: a group of liberals, libertarians, and conservatives who aren’t afraid to stand up to the Left

The Left has had it pretty easy for a while. They controlled most of the media, academia, and popular culture, but over time things changed. Rush Limbaugh happened. Fox News happened. Conservative teachers…well, we’re still working on that. But the point is the Left got complacent and let a few things slip.

Then, the Internet happened, and the Left was really thrown for a loop. (Well, except Al Gore, who invented the thing.) Within the Internet, there was a whole unexplored frontier where people from around the world could come together and…post cat pictures. I mean, there can’t be any other reason the Internet became so popular, right?

As the Internet grew, other electronic outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter became popular, thus exposing more people to opinions they may not have otherwise gotten. Well, that was too much freedom for the Left to handle, so they did what they do best: try to make everybody miserable.

But, that didn’t happen. Instead of being miserable, some people decided to continue having fun and poking fun at the Left at every opportunity. These people became what Hillary and the Left call the alt-right. And since they were having fun, the Left just had to try to destroy them.

People wonder when the alt-right really came into its own, and I have to say it started with a little thing called GamerGate. For those of you who don’t know about it, here’s the short version.

For a number of years, gaming journalists and game developers started getting chummy, not unlike the Left and their media lapdogs. As more and more of these incidents occurred, gamers, YouTubers, and Tweeters joined forces to expose the truth and call out the offenders. Of course, that meant the Left had to do something, and they did.

They called names like bratty four-year olds, but without the maturity.

As GamerGate started to flourish, many of the aforementioned gamers, YouTubers, and Tweeters turned their attention on other problems, problems that just so happened to be started by…Leftists.

But the straw that broke the Leftists’ back was a man named Milo Yiannopolous. In Milo, the people fighting the Left had the ultimate trump card (if you’ll pardon the expression). A gay white man with a penchant for black men, a wit sharper than a sword sharpened to the width of a single atom, and a fearlessness that was unmatched by most people. And, he always looked FABULOUUUUSSSSSSS! (Sorry. Had to do that.)

To combat the rise of Milo and many like him, the Left invented a narrative where the alt-right were all white supremacists who hated women.

Remember what I said about Milo and his desire for black men? Yeah, that kinda ruins the whole “alt-right is racist” idea in a single bound.

What the Left doesn’t understand (among many, many other things) is the alt-right as they wrongly define it isn’t just Trump supporters. There are people on YouTube who openly mock Donald Trump, but they think the Left isn’t much better. There are atheists who wouldn’t be caught dead at a TEA Party rally, but they’re lumped in with people like me because we share a common disdain for the way the Left operates. And if you don’t agree with the way the Left does things, they consider you to be an enemy, hence Hillary’s attack on the alt-right and the Left’s hard-on to trash the alt-right alongside the Hill Dog.

But here’s the thing. The people who are being attacked really don’t care what a fraud like Hillary says about them. These are people who have been outcasts from society at one point or another and have dealt with the kind of bullcrap the Left spews about them. You think being called every name in the book by a bunch of stuck-up self-professed “cool kids” is going to faze them? Kids, they live for that kind of abuse. It will be like blasting cockroaches with radiation; it won’t affect them and it may even make them grow.

No matter how much Hillary and her followers try to run down the alt-right, the more it will push right back.

Disrespect is Never Right


At all sporting events. From High School through the professional level they have one thing in common. At the beginning of every contest our National Anthem is played.

A stillness falls on the playing field and crowd that was just a moment before full of energy and movement. Everyone rises to their feet if they are physically able to do so. Everyone either places their hand on their heart or, if in Uniform, salutes the Flag of the United States of America.

But lately in our world of professional sports we have had a player and now a whole team not give the respect to our Flag as they should. This has started in the NFL with Colin Kaepernick of the San Fransico 49ers and has now spread over to the entire Seattle Seahawk team.

This is wrong on so many levels. Our young children look to these professional players as heroes and role models. And they will be emulated by those children and even other adults.

Standing at attention and giving the proper respect to our Flag during the National Anthem played at our sporting events is the only proper thing to do. Any other action is a lack of respect. Not only for the Flag, but for those who are in service to our Nation. All the men and women in uniform. All of those men and women who gave their lives in uniform.

You do have the right to protest against any perceived injustice. Real or imagined. But showing disrespect during the National Anthem is not the time or the place for such protests.

These millionaire protesters should be fined by the NFL for this blatant show of disrespect. And I’m not talking the pennies they are fined when violating some minor NFL rules. I’m saying they should be fined at least one million dollars at every occurrence that they do not show any respect for the Flag and what it represents.

And when an entire team shows the same disrespect. Then that is a reflection of the coach and the owner of that team. They should be fined as well. Including forfeiture of games, an automatic loss of a game. Perhaps then they shall understand the gravity of showing respect.

As for these millionaire’s protesting this perceived injustice. What have you done about it Colin Kaepernick? How much of your money have you spent on fighting it? How much of your free time have you spent helping anyone out of injustice? Have you considered public office, leaving the NFL and becoming one of those who can actually make a change in public policy? Or are you enjoying the fruits of your time in the limelight of sports.

Racism By the Numbers?


If you believe the Left (and, really, why would you), racism is more prevalent than nude selfies of Kim Kardashian. And now, according to a woman with a PhD in mathematics from Harvard, racism has invaded…math.

Now, you may be wondering how racism can affect something that has no ability to be affected by personal feelings. After reading a CNN Money article about Cathy O’Neil, the aforementioned Harvard grad, I’m still wondering. But I’ll give it a go anyway because, dammit, I care.

O’Neil’s focus has been on algorithms that affect everything from hiring decisions to credit scores. Her position is these algorithms unfairly target minorities on numerous levels because they are “stand-ins” for race, wealth, and immigrants.

Oh, and did I mention she worked with Astroturf Wall Street?

Here’s the thing. Algorithms don’t target anyone. They crunch numbers and spit out a result based on those numbers. It’s possible to rig the numbers (see global climate change), but it’s not the fault of the numbers. It’s the fault of the people creating the algorithms in the first place.

If O’Neil is correct, there are a lot of rigged algorithms out there. The operative word, dear reader, is if.

One element of Leftist ideology is starting with a conclusion and working backwards to “prove” the conclusion is right. (Again, see global climate change.) When this happens, the logic becomes intuitive; every step leads to the desired conclusion because it’s the result of working against the expected train of thought.

Let’s say you wanted to prove veggie pizza is a salad using the Leftist method. Pizza has tomato sauce, which comes from tomatoes. Tomatoes can be found in salads. You can also find peppers, onions, and olives on a veggie pizza, just as you could find them in salads. And the pizza crust? Just another form of croutons. Therefore, veggie pizza is a salad. It makes sense, but try telling a dietician that and see how that turns out for you.

But O’Neil might call that racist.

A former manager I had once told me, “The numbers tell me what I need to know.” Yet, if you don’t know how those numbers are derived, they only tell a part of the story, and the partial story can lead to some unhappy endings.

One of the examples the CNN Money article mentioned was the use of ZIP Codes to determine interest rates for a loan, presumably a mortgage. In O’Neil’s mind, this is proof of the racism of the algorithm, but actually, it’s not racist at all.

Before a mortgage loan can be approved, the lender assesses the risk of default. If there is an area where people skip out on their loans or where the houses aren’t kept in the best of conditions, there is a higher risk, not because of racism, but because of the surrounding area. Is this to say everyone who lives in these types of areas is going to default on their loans? Absolutely not. What it does say, however, is there is a higher risk of default in that area because, well, there is.

Of course, there are other factors that go into approval of a mortgage loan, including another hot button issue for O’Neil, credit scores. When these factors are combined, the result is based on facts. Not racism, not oppression, not even corruption. Facts. Cold, hard, unemotional facts.

This is one reason the Left hates facts. You cannot feel your way out of them, no matter how hard you try. When you combine a disdain for provable information with backwards logic, you get…well, you get O’Neil’s point of view.

But, here’s the thing O’Neil doesn’t want us to consider. The factors are controllable to a large extent. Have a bad credit score? Get credit counseling. Don’t want your property values to decline? Keep up with the yard work and upkeep. Don’t want to be seen as a dupe? Learn and use proper language skills. These are all things that can be achieved if we invest in ourselves.

But that wouldn’t fit the “algorithms are racist” narrative, which excuses everything. And really, isn’t being able to blame everything on racism so much better than actually working hard to break out of the stereotypes the Left love to use?

Hey, wait a minute…isn’t assuming people of color are incapable of controlling their own destinies…racist?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


As I write this week’s dive into the intellectual sewer that is Leftist thought, we are on the verge of another Labor Day. This holiday is meant to honor the working men and women who make this country great, but has become just another day off for barbecues, backyard festivities, and occasional sporting events.

The Left has a similar attitude towards the working class, especially as it pertains to labor unions. Maybe it’s worth looking closer at the relationship between Leftists and unions. And if it isn’t, we’re still going to do it, so get on your hardhats and let’s get going.

labor unions

What the Left believes it means: hard-working people struggling to exist under the bootheels of Big Business

What it really means: a working class dinosaur

There was a time in history when labor unions were needed. Workers were clearly being abused by business owners, and they were there to ensure there was reform. And things were great. Those were the days…

And they were last century.

Since those early days, labor unions grew in power and stature, eventually becoming a staple of American life. Even in the late 60s and 70s, it was a symbol of pride to belong to a union.

It was around this time the Left started to realize the political power labor unions held. Imagine having an army of people going to the polls for your candidates, each member willing to give their hard-earned dollars to support them. And when they weren’t willing, the unions still gave their dues to the Left. It was a perfect system.

Then, something happened. The business environment changed, but labor unions didn’t. As America moved away from being an industrial giant, unions lost their position as a must for young men and women looking for a career. And unions have Democrats to thank for it.

It started with a little thing called NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. Although it was an idea that had the support of many Republicans, it should be pointed out it never would have gotten passed without Democrats. At the time NAFTA was signed into law, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency were all controlled by…Democrats.

That’s right, union kiddies! Democrats made NAFTA a reality, many of them the men and women you poured money and votes into. And as we’ve seen, NAFTA was a bigger failure than a murder mystery written by Paris Hilton. Even now the Left is trying to rewrite history to erase that little tidbit from their pasts.

After NAFTA, union power started a downward spiral that would rival an Irwin Allen airplane-related disaster movie. Nowadays, unions are a shadow of their former glory. Where they were once champions working against an oppressive faceless boss, they became oppressive faceless bosses themselves, threatening anyone who wasn’t one of their ranks with violence if they dared cross picket lines for any reason. After all, it was their jobs that were being taken by people who wanted to work! The nerve of those people!

If you want to see a microcosm of how far labor unions have fallen, take a look at Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. After Walker stood up to public labor unions, unions from all across the country tried pushing back using a recall election effort. Unions organized marches, staged sit-ins, and managed to do property damage, all in the name of fighting for working men and women.

And they bombed.

Not only did they fail to unseat Walker, he won his recall election by a larger margin than when he won the gubernatorial race in 2010.


No matter how many times union supporters remind us of what unions have given us, it should be pointed out those accomplishments occurred a long time ago. As Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) once sang, “What have you done for me lately?”

At the beginning of this year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated that 11.1% of wage and salaried employees belonged to a union in 2015, and that number isn’t expected to be jumping up anytime soon. This begs the question of what labor unions have gotten from their alliance with the Left.

Aside from needing to meet more requirements to fire a union employee than the Catholic Church has for sainthood (and with a lot more paperwork from HR), not much.

If labor unions were a business model, it would have been tossed out a long time ago. Maybe it’s time we do just that.

Need a Lyft?


In public relations, there is a saying, “There is no bad publicity.” Well, the PR geniuses might want to reconsider that, thanks to a recent YouTube video.

It starts out with a woman named Annaliese Nielsen. To give you the Readers Digest condensed version of her biography, she runs a porn site and an elite Facebook group called Girls Night In where it’s an echo chamber of Leftist drivel. Think “The View” but with more actual viewers.

One night, Ms. Nielsen decides to record a ride from a Lyft driver because she got offended. Was the driver rude? Not really. No, the driver’s real crime was…having a hula girl bobble head on his dashboard.

If you want to look up the video on YouTube, be my guest, but I bear no responsibility for any heads exploding at just how stupid Ms. Nielsen’s modern feminist drivel is. (Here’s a taste: she calls Hawaii a continent, and that’s probably the most intelligent thing she says in the entire video.) But aside from being moronic, offensive, degrading, privileged, and sounding like a valley girl getting paid by the “like,” I’m sure she’s a lovely woman.

Now, before I get into the really fun part of the video, let me make a simple point. We have a woman who runs a porn site getting offended by a hula girl bobble head? And she doesn’t even see the irony, if not outright hypocrisy, of her point.

Throughout the video, Ms. Nielsen threatens to make her video public, saying she would put it on Gawker. You know, Gawker, the website that is pretty much dead in the water thanks to Hulk Hogan dropping a judicial leg drop on it? Maybe the video came out before the Gawker decision, but still, it’s not exactly a threat with teeth. So what if the video went viral on Gawker? It doesn’t exactly hurt the Lyft driver’s image, but it makes Ms. Nielsen out to be an absolute bitch trying to start a fight over a piece of plastic.

On another side note, how pathetic is your life that a hula girl bobble head makes you feel bad?

Although seeing how other YouTubers rightly mocked Ms. Nielsen was pretty good, I have something even more delicious; she might have broken the law.

Under California law, it is illegal to record or listen in on any confidential communication without the consent of both the party doing the recording and the party being recorded. Why does this tidbit matter? Because Ms. Nielsen apparently lives in Los Angeles, California, and she stated she wanted the Lyft driver to take her to her home. Oops!

Although the video didn’t start from the beginning of the Lyft ride, there is no consent given by the driver during the running of the video prior to or after Ms. Nielsen advised him she was recording him. Without that consent, Ms. Nielsen broke the law.

But here’s where it gets better. There is another woman heard in the video discussing the matter with Ms. Nielsen and coming to the same conclusion most sane people would: Ms. Nielsen is nuttier than squirrel feces. Another party who didn’t overtly give consent prior to the reveal, and that means…she broke the law again.

And the cherry on top of this “I Should Have Kept My Big Mouth Shut” sundae? Ms. Nielsen sent copies of this video to friends…and it was eventually leaked to others outside of her group for all of us to enjoy.

Needless to say, Ms. Nielsen’s recent fame, or more accurately infamy, is going to take a while to overcome. Maybe she should try Uber next time.