Lack of Unity

It’s been a few days and I’ve been thinking about what Governor Kim Reynolds said earlier this week. If you haven’t been keeping up the Governor suggested that Iowa’s only Republican Congressman should consider leaving politics. This was not a good idea.

Iowa’s only Republican Congressman is the 4th district representative, Steve King. He is hated by the Left and RINO’s alike. I personally do not like him. It’s not his politics or the lies the Left tells about him. It’s his personality.

Also I am not in the 4th district. But if I was, I would have voted for Steve King.

Governor Reynolds needs to learn she cannot attack other Republicans. Calling out the RINO’s is perfectly acceptable but not attacks on other Republicans who are patriots and defenders of the Republic.

This action is a bad mark against the Governor. It may very well lead to a Primary vote leading up to the 2022 election cycle. This could be her only true term as the Governor of Iowa.

5 Types of Government

There are only 5 types of governments across the whole of the Left-Right political spectrum. Every government falls under one of these categories. Of course some governments will use deceptive terms to make them appear to be something they are not.

In Left to Right order these government types are as follows:

Monarchy or Dictatorship
This is marked by the rule of one. One person hold all and absolute power and authority.

This kind of government is very rare. Even kings have at least a royal council of nobles that they must answer to as does the Dictator. He generally has a bureaucrats or a council of military officers or something else the keeps him in check.

This is the rule by a group. Generally an elite group has set themselves up as the ruling class. Many times they prop up one of their own as the Leader. Giving the appearance of a Monarchy or Dictatorship, but in truth the group still rules.

This form of government is the most common form of government in all of history. And it is the most common form of government today.

The ancient city-states of Greece created democracy. The rule of the people by majority.

All democracies eventually burn themselves out. Rule of the majority brings chaos, depravity, injustice, mob rule, and eventual collapse of society and order.

This happened in the Greek city-states and every other place where democracy has taken root.

A Republic is founded upon the rule of law. Law restricts the power and authority of government. It provides justice that is not subject to majority whim as found in a Democracy.

Republics are often mistakenly called Democracies. And some Democracies may call themselves a Republic. It is always best to see the operation of government to determine if it truly is a Republic or not.

Ancient Rome gave the world it’s first Republic. And during that era Rome flourished, grew wealthy, and was the envy of the world. But Rome forgot about the rule of law. They forgot that the essence of freedom was the proper limitation of government.

When government’s power grows the people’s freedom recedes. Power seeking politicians increased their power beyond what was granted in the Roman constitution. With it wealth and property was redistributed, subsidies for food, housing, and agriculture were enacted. And taxes increased to pay dues. Production and freedom fell and so did the Roman Republic. Replaced by mob rule and Democracy at first and finally with an Oligarchy of under the Caesars.

This is the far Right of the political spectrum and the last of the 5 types of government. It is the rule of no government. Everyone is on their own.

Anarchy arises because some think that no government might better. After all the worst crimes in history have been committed by governments. But this belief is a mistake because even the Greeks knew that without law there is no freedom.

Other times Anarchy starts because there are those who wish to fundamentally change the current government. This is what happened with the Communist Revolutions in Russia and Cuba. And it also happened with the rise of Nazism in Germany. And is happening now in other parts of the world.

Anarchists are using rioting, looting, killing, and terrorism to bring down the current government. Only to replace it with an Oligarchy where they have total power.


The United State of America is a true and free Republic. But there are elements within and outside that seek to destroy this shining city on the hill. We must not let it fall under our watch.

There is a well known quote that comes from the founding of the American Republic.

When Ben Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention he was approached by a woman who asked
     “Sir, what have you given us?”

Mr. Franklin promptly answered her with
     “A Republic, Ma’am, if you can keep it.”

Ben Franklin and the other Founding Fathers knew that it would take effort, vigilance, and determination to preserve the American Republic. And that greedy men would come along and destroy it if they could. I plan on doing my part to keep it for myself and future generations.

Right vs Left

We always talk about the political spectrum in terms of the Right and Left. And we normally associate the far Left with Communists and the far Right with Fascists and Dictators. This puts the moderates or centrists in the middle of the spectrum. But this is not accurate at all.

More accurately the Left is total government. This includes Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Fascism, Princes, Potentates, Dictators, Kings, and host of others. And on the Right is no government at all. The further right wing you go the smaller government gets until it doesn’t exist on the far Right.

Toward the middle, but more Right than Left, is a type of government limited to it’s proper role of protecting the rights of the people.

The Republican Party is in the middle Right as is the Tea Party. Libertarians are more right wing than either of these two political groups.

The Democratic Party in the United States has moved further and further Left in the last 50 years that they truly favor government control over every day life. Praising Socialist and Communist ideas and agendas.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week

Over the past week, the Left has brought up the same idea in two different circumstances, one involving their favorite “woke” CNN reporter and the other involving their least favorite investigative reporter. Jim Acosta accosted a female Trump Administration aide when she tried to take a microphone away from him, leading Acosta to deny he even touched her in spite of video footage showing he did. On the other side of the spectrum, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released videos showing prominent Democrat campaigns doing nefarious and possibly illegal activities.

So, what is the unifying theme? Allegations of doctored footage by the Left. Oh, and dumb allegations of doctored footage.

Whenever the Left brings up doctored footage, you can bet there’s a deeper story, and you can bet I’m going to write about it!


What the Left thinks it means – video footage that has been edited in such a way as to create a dishonest narrative

What it really means – any video footage the Left can’t bullshit their way out of

As you might expect, Leftists accusing footage of being doctored is loaded with a lot of partisanship. After all, if footage is doctored, it can’t be trustworthy, right? Welll…considering the Left still cheers when Michael Moore comes out with a “documentary,” it’s clear they don’t have a problem with doctored footage when they do it.

The implication of the allegations of doctored footage is that the footage cannot be believed because it has been deceptively edited. That’s what the Left continues to bring up with O’Keefe and Project Veritas because their early videos were edited. That’s right, kids. Leftists think edits made by conservatives are deceptive because…that’s what they do.

However, edits aren’t necessarily dishonest by nature. If you are removing content that has nothing to do with the subject matter or doesn’t fit with the idea you’re trying to convey, it may not be an act of dishonesty, but of necessity. Without edits, documentaries would be hours and hours long, instead of just seeming like they are. (By the way, if you have insomnia, check out any documentary on a sloth’s life, especially if the narrator is Al Gore. You’ll be out in seconds.) And considering documentary directors tend to swing Left, that means their documentaries are dishonest and, thus, can be disregarded.

Unfortunately for the Left, Project Veritas is a step ahead of them because O’Keefe and company has been putting out the full unedited videos of their stings, which makes it harder for the Left to accurately accuse Project Veritas of doctored footage. Oh, they’ll still make the allegations, mind you…

That brings us to Jim Accoster…I mean Acosta. The video footage of his boorish behavior has been slowed down and zoomed in to focus on the actions he took. And, surprise surprise, the Left says the footage is doctored. Of course, they also bring up the fact the footage was provided by InfoWars which is as reliable as Palm Beach County’s vote counting. But in this case, InfoWars got it right. Their footage wasn’t doctored by definition because it wasn’t designed to create a false narrative. It was done to address whether Acosta made contact with the aide, which he did. Of course, the footage also made Acosta, CNN, and all the reporters defending him look like liars and idiots, so…win-win.

When Leftists make the allegation something is doctored, you have to look closer at the footage and try to determine the intent. I’m not going to say there aren’t bad players out there on the Right who would deliberately distort video footage for political purposes, but I would argue there are fewer on the Right than there are on the Left because the latter needs to lie consistently for political benefit. Why else do you think they haven’t done a thing to help gays, blacks, Hispanics, and other groups they claim to represent? Put another way, the Right may lie, but the Left will lie.

And when it comes to video footage and allegations of doctored footage, that distinction makes all the difference.

In the case of Project Veritas, the doctoring allegations fall apart with their transparency. In the case of Jim Acosta, the doctoring allegations fall apart because the footage isn’t deceptively edited. In both cases, it creates an environment where the Left has a vested interest in discrediting the footage: the footage exposes their dishonesty. And the allegations of doctored footage doubles down on it, which should be a major red flag to anyone interested in the truth.

Which is to say, anyone to the right of, say, Nancy Pelosi.

Ronald Reagan had a famous quotation related to the former Soviet Union: “Trust, but verify.” When it comes to Leftist allegations of doctored footage when it makes them look like scumbags, maybe it should be “Verify, then trust.”

Conservative or Liberal

Although the basic definition of Liberal and Conservative doesn’t change over the years, what they stand for does change.

Liberals are quick to point out that because of Liberals the slaves were freed. But of course they don’t mention that it was the Republican Party that championed that cause.

In the mid 1800’s the newly formed Republican Party was the Liberal party of the day. And the slave owning southern Democratic Party was the Conservative party then.

Likewise the vote to bring about women suffrage was a Liberal idea. One that was opposed by the Democratic Party in Congress but favored by the Republican Party. House records clearly show this to be the case in 1915.

There are numerous other examples of where Liberal causes of the past where championed by the Republican Party and opposed by the Democratic Party. But then a shift happened in the Democratic Party. And it moved towards the Left of the political spectrum.

What is Liberal or Conservative must be viewed with eyes of their time. Just because it is Liberal doesn’t mean it is bad and Conservative is not always good as history clearly shows. What is at stake and what is championed makes either side good or bad.

These terms are relative to the times. And not accurate descriptors of political thought and beliefs.

Left and Right are better, but they too have been misused.

More Radicalization than ISIS

The Left is claiming that President Donald Trump has radicalized more people than ISIS. And I agree with the Left on this one statement.

A radical is a person who advocates fundamental political, economic, and social reforms by direct and often uncompromising methods.

For a Leftist this is anyone, like President Donald Trump, who promotes free enterprise, secure national borders, free and equal trade, limited government, religious freedom, secure elections, and even national pride.

The Left also believes that is a radical to bypass the mainstream media. Most of these are deeply rooted in and controlled by the Left. The President takes his communications to Twitter or other direct means to the people. Mainstream media can’t be trusted to report just the facts. It always gets spinned, and usually against the President and his policies.

In these and other ways the supporters of President Trump and the American Republic are indeed radicals to the Left. We believe in, we support, and we want to continue the dream of American Exceptionalism.

The number of Americans that support the Republic and this President is greater than those whom ISIS has turned into it’s Leftist fighters. The election of 2016 proves this without any doubts.

Iowa a Mixed Bag

At the state level here in Iowa we have a mixed bag of results. Fortunately we are keeping a Republican majority in both houses of the Iowa Assembly and in the Governorship with Kim Reynolds.

We also keep Paul Pate as the Secretary of State who will keep our elections purer without Leftist attempts to have fraudulent votes. We also have the Secretary of Agriculture as well.

We loss the State Auditor position. This is a bad loss because the Leftist who won is not a CPA and cannot conduct audits. Thus all auditing will now need to be outsourced and paid for by the tax payers of Iowa. A needless expense when we had a CPA as the State Auditor. Additionally this Leftist is only using this position to get name recognition and as a stepping stone to other political offices.

The Treasurer and Attorney General are still in the hands of Leftists. We really need someone to go against Tom Miller, he has been the Leftist Attorney General for 10 terms. And he does not represent the views of Iowa or Iowa’s people.

The House Falls

The House has fallen. This will make the President’s vision hard to complete over the next 2 years of his 1st term. Many of the President’s promises cannot take place without the help of Congress. And with the House under Democratic Leftist control actual lawmaking will come to a standstill.

For the next 2 years we cannot compromise the Republic in the House. Anything the Leftists champion must be opposed. Even if that results in a shutdown of the government.

The Left will move forward with their plan of revenge. Endless investigations into the President and his Administration. Endless Impeachment Articles against the President and his Administration. These of course will be acquitted in the Senate but it will take up valuable time in both houses of Congress.

Additionally the Left will move forward with legislation and their adgenda to destroy the Republic and American Exceptionalism.

Of course we also must begin our campaign to take back the House in 2020 to give President Trump a united government for his 2nd term.

Vote Today

Today is Election Day across the US. Some of course have voted early or voted by absentee ballot. Thank you for doing your civic duty. The rest of us are voting today.

Please make sure you go to the polls today and vote. If you need a ride there are options out there for that. I am making plans for the 2020 election to be available to drive anyone in my area to the pools, but I wont be available this year.

When you vote please be educated on the issues and know where the candidates stand on those issues. Don’t blindly vote for someone because of a letter after their name that you don’t like.

The issues we vote for today will effect not only tomorrow but the next 2-4 years and even generations to come.

Our civic duty is important and sacred. Treat it as such. It is not about power and who has it or who doesn’t. It is not about getting even or settling a score. It is about our future. My future. Your future. And the future of children and generations yet to be born. It is about the future and survival of the American Republic.

This burden rests on our shoulders every time we cast our votes. Please use this great power we have been given with wisdom.

Differences with the Parties

When one talks about the divisions in American politics. And then begins finger pointing at President Trump’s brashness as the cause. Please remember the facts.

Before, then candidate, Trump won the Republican nomination. The poster child of the Left, Hillary Clinton Democratic party candidate, stated that the greatest enemy to the United States was the Republican party.

Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters has stated on multiple occasions for people to “get in the face” of members of the President’s cabinet. To obstruct them in their daily lives at the grocery store, the gas station, and restaurants with their family. To make a crowd and to cause a scene. To tell them that they are not wanted or welcome in these places. This is harassment and inciting a mob.

The former Democratic Attorney General Eric Holder has called on the new Democratic party to kick Republicans. And he wasn’t speaking metaphorically either. He is calling for physical violence.

Then we have the multitude of Leftist celebrity Democratic donors. The language uttered by these people is so profane it must be censored out when they speak on television.

And Hillary Clinton again speaks to everyone and states that there cannot be any civility until the Democratic party is back in power.

The whole of the Democratic party leadership call for incivility, harassment, angry mobs, and physical violence.

The Republican party has always been against these things. Yes President Trump is brash and not a polished politician. But that is needed from time to time. He is not the first President in American history to be rough and uncut. And he probably wont be the last either.